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Reward Management Essay -- Reward Systems RM

Reward Management (RM) has been defined as the distribution of monetary and non-monetary gets to employees in an effort to align the interests of the employees, the organisation, and its shareholders (ONeil, 1998). In addition ONeil (1998) also suggests that a RM system can serve the purpose of attracting prospective job applicants, retaining valuable employees, motivation employees, ensuring legal requirements relating to direct and indirect rewards are not violated, assisting the company in achieving human resource and business objectives, and ultimately assisting the organisation in obtaining a competitive advantage.Various conflicts in the RM system can affect the benefits that can be obtained. It has been argued that performance management systems only provide superficial motivations and have little heart and soul on underlying behaviours and attitudes. Although the RM system can have some limitations, there is strong argument for the benefits, and logic also deems it as a cr edible strategy to assist in improving employee performance.The implementation and application of RM within the subject organisation has provided many a(prenominal) opportunities for increased performance. Limitations and inequities have been recognised in the system employed, in general due to the lack of assessment and changes to the system in order to align it with organisational objectives. Reward Management TheoryReward management involves defining, facilitating, and encouraging performance. The positive cause a successful RM system can provide to employee performance and in turn organisational success and competitive advantage are clear. This appeal has driven many organisations to take up RM as part of their performance management stratagem.The RM system falls into the broader process of the performance management model within the organisation, as utter by Clark (as cited in Human Resource Management, 2000). This involves the continual process of setting performance obje ctives, measuring outcomes, providing feedback on the results, providing rewards which are linked to desired outcomes and finally evaluating and make amendments to objectives and activities of the system.When developing an effective RM procedure as part of organisational strategy many considerations must be addressed. ONeil (1998) suggests the following key methods of linking pay to performance ascerta... ...e The reward system of the organisation guides the actions that generally have the greatest impact on the motivation and performance of individual employees. Similarly, Wah (2000) argues that companies which treat their high-performing employees significantly better than those that dont are the best-performing companies virtually and they reside in the upper quartile of shareholder returns. In addition Lawler (as cited in, Readings In Contemporary Employment Relations, 1998) states that if all the psychological rewards are removed employees will grudgingly await at work, ho wever if all the financial rewards are removed they would most likely leave.As most of the literature suggests, employee performance is a zippy element in organisational survival and success. The systems developed and applied to facilitate the management of employee performance are therefore major contributors to the overall success of performance management. To remain effective the RM process should not be isolated from other HRM functions, in addition the process must be dynamic and constantly aligned to organisational strategy. In these instances long term benefits for all stakeholders can be realised.

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herody Free Essays: Heroes in the Poem Women and Homers Odyssey :: comparison compare contrast essays

Heroes in the Poem Women and Homers Odyssey         A adept is a gallant and strong person, who is also very human.  A hero feels fear and every other emotion that we do.  A true hero is a person who does something bulky and does not expect to be given any thing in return.  A hero does something that effects a large number of  people.  A hero thinks more of others than he or she thinks of him or her self.         The characters in the poem, Women, and The Odyssey are both epic heroes. Odysseus is a strong and brazen man, but I think he lacks one of the major characteristics of a hero.  I think he thinks of himself more than of others.  I think the characters in the poem, Women, are better heroes because they can be related to to easier.         I dont think the poem characters are like an epic hero because they are less into them selves than an epic hero.  They also come along to have done lesser things, I mean epic heroes always do something so great, like take twenty men on, or lead an army to victory. Everyday heroes seem to be more realistic and do something thats great, but its not written up in every news paper in the country.         Odysseus is a brave man that did great things.  In The Odyssey he conquers a monster using smarts and strength.  He also looks out for his crew mates.  He is faithful to his wife, well, in his read/write head he is.  He kills many men on his own in a battle at his home.  He cries a couple of times in the story, showing sensitivity.  Overall, Odysseus is a brave and caring human that is a little too conceited  He is also very smart, like in the phonograph recording when Odysseus said, He thought hed find out, but I saw through him.(on page 750 line723.) Also like most epic heroes Odysseus is physically strong, like when Odysseus said, I rammed it deep in his eye.(on page 751 line 843.)  Odysseus rammed a large spike into the beasts eye.         The poem Women was a great description of black women in the mid

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Christmas - An Extraordinary Holiday Essays -- Personal Narrative Writ

Christmas - An Extraordinary Holiday As I grow older, Christmas is the greatest pass for my family and me. The powerful feeling of family is never any stronger than on Christmas Day. The stress of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve all seeps away as our children come cut into our bedroom to see if we atomic number 18 awake yet. Even though our children are teenagers, the tradition doesnt change Santa is real if you believe in him.Ive seen our children wake up as early as 500 a.m. As our children awake us, my husband tries to draw out the anticipation by telling them he needs to take a shower first. After much begging and grumbling, they agree and the three of us make our way into the kitchen to bake cinnamon rolls. While my husband is showering, we are in the kitchen preparing the cinnamon rolls. By the time he is done, the smell of the gooey sweet cinnamon rolls is drifting through the house.As I pull the rolls out of the oven, my daughters are tearing into the stock ings Santa filled while visiting the night before. Santa always remembers Mom and Dad, too. W...

By Design Essay -- Literary Analysis, Robert Frost

Redesigned One poem with two facesRobert freeze wrote a poem twice. The betimes version of the poem titled, In White, creates a simple scene filled with anomalies. For some reason, years later, the work beckoned for further attention. The poet complied and skillfully enhanced the work, rendering a finished poem that exceeded the scope of the original. Side by side, both versions of Frosts poem send a nuanced means to the thoughtful reader. Open to interpretation, that message invites debate, an introspective feast. For that reason, reworking the poem fine-tuned the message. The revised poem Design assumes polished superiority through Frosts mastery of imagery, amplified by devices, and unburdened language.For the purpose of clarity, explicating provides an consciousness of the internal workings of this finished poem. A closer look at one poem helps to identify the differences between the two. Frosts poem, Design begins in a most uncomplicated way I found a dimpled spid er, fat and white (1). The spider, described as such, denotes jolly innocence, an unlikely association. Introducing the first of some(prenominal) ironies, the heal-all, which preserves life, has a growing connection to death. In fact, the flower provides a stage for the spider, menacing in spite of its pale disguise as it sits On a white heal-all, holding up a moth / Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth (2-3). Frosts white colour in scheme persists into the dead moth simile. Satin, typically equated with rich finery, finds a meaning much less elegant with the adjective, rigid. Each line zooms closer to the scene at hand, no doubt something is just not right. The mood continues with, Assorted characters of death and blight (4), and ad... ..., aided by Frosts selection of devices, such as similes. As such, the reader derives a deeper understanding of the action, like the lifting of a veil. In summary, explicating Design served to process both poems. Such a exercise pro vided a clearer perspective of Frosts initial rendering and subsequent finished work. Thus, exposing subtle differences resulted in a way to compare the work and draw a subjective finish regarding the more effective poem. However, one must remain mindful that without the lesser first draft, the second would have had no life. Indeed, Frost refined with a refined hand by shaping images, placed inventive markers to prod thought, and carefully gave voice to each word. The result produced a superior message, which posed more questions than substantiality answers about whether life (or death) happens by coincidence, or by Design.

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The Awakening: Romanticism, Realism, and Local Color Essay -- Chopin

The Awakening love affair, Realism, and Local Color Imagine being far out into the middle of the ocean and at that moment, having to make a choice mingled with judgment and individuality, death and life? In 1899, Kate Chopin composed a captivating novel titled The Awakening. Throughout Chopins day, the work was regarded as nonsense and a neutralize of time on her part. Critics found the main characters rebellion to be foolish and unlawful. At that age, it was believed firmly that women should be nothing less than completely loyal to their husbands and should gleefully care for any children that they had while their spouse was away, hard at work. Edna, the central character, did not follow this standard. She says specifically that she would not give-up herself for her children. She is not one known to acquaint to her husbands every whim. Chopin brought romance into play in a realistic setting with this individual. To these literary devices, she blends local color. By manipulat ing Romanticism, Kate Chopin stretches ones imagination and startles ones mind. Romanticism is both a literary and an artistic movement. It took place in the eighteenth and nineteenth century during which people expressed freedom and individuality and emotions in their works. Chopin shows Mrs. Pontelliers display of freedom and individuality when Edna refuses to go in when her husband Leonce tells her to do so rather, she stays out on the hammock and tells him to proceed inside without her. Romantics also loved exotic places and chose to display a character that follows his or her own heart. Chopin demonstrates this in her work when Edna realizes th... ...because Tuesday night social calls were a pastime, Realism because Leonce believed that Edna should put herself on hold every Tuesday night for company, and Romanticism because she chose not to stay. Kate Chopin is now considered a wonderful author for the same piece that was once prohibited. People realize that she was just be fore her time. She blended a Romanticism which is now common to out time with a Realism that was true to her time. She enhanced it with a mlange of Local Color into her setting to give a full outlook of Edna Pontelliers world. Seeing everything that she has to go through, which option should be chosen? Would it be better to live without freedom of individuality or die seek to get it? With all of the pressures that prevailed over Edna, she chose death.

The Awakening: Romanticism, Realism, and Local Color Essay -- Chopin

The Awakening Romanticism, Realism, and Local Color Imagine being far start into the middle of the ocean and at that moment, having to make a choice between judgment and individuality, death and life? In 1899, Kate Chopin composed a captivating smart titled The Awakening. Throughout Chopins day, the work was regarded as nonsense and a waste of time on her part. Critics found the main characters rebellion to be foolish and unlawful. At that age, it was believed firmly that women should be nonhing less than completely loyal to their husbands and should joyfully care for any children that they had while their spouse was away, hard at work. Edna, the central character, did not follow this standard. She says specifically that she would not give-up herself for her children. She is not one known to submit to her husbands every whim. Chopin brought Romanticism into play in a realistic setting with this individual. To these literary devices, she blends local color. By manipulating Roma nticism, Kate Chopin stretches ones imagination and startles ones mind. Romanticism is both a literary and an artistic movement. It took place in the eighteenth and nineteenth century during which people denotative freedom and individuality and emotions in their works. Chopin shows Mrs. Pontelliers display of freedom and individuality when Edna refuses to go in when her husband Lein one case tells her to do so rather, she stays out on the release and tells him to proceed inside without her. Romantics also loved exotic places and chose to display a character that follows his or her own heart. Chopin demonstrates this in her work when Edna realizes th... ...because Tuesday night social calls were a pastime, Realism because Leonce believed that Edna should put herself on hold every Tuesday night for company, and Romanticism because she chose not to stay. Kate Chopin is now considered a wonderful author for the same piece that was once prohibited. People realize that she was just before her time. She blended a Romanticism which is now common to out time with a Realism that was true to her time. She enhance it with a mlange of Local Color into her setting to give a full outlook of Edna Pontelliers world. Seeing everything that she has to go through, which option should be chosen? Would it be better to live without freedom of individuality or die trying to get it? With all of the pressures that prevailed over Edna, she chose death.

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Evaluating Historical Views of Leadership Essay

The process of evaluating historical aspects of leadinghip involved critically analyzing the commonalities and disparities among a group of influential leaders, such as Thomas Carlyle, Mohandas Gandhi, Niccolo Machiavelli and W.E.B Du Bois. Carlyle (1795-1881), a Scottish historian emphasized the importance of heroism that required men to be subordinated to the commanding officer of men (Wren, 1995 p.53). Further analysis of the evaluation revealed theories of Gandhi and Machiavelli which produced evidence of conflicting viewpoints on the topic of violence among historical leaders throughout the ages. Gandhis leadership drift was against any acts of violence. He heightened on using spiritual guidance to solve problems. Machiavellis leadership style believed in having mercy but as well defending yourself if necessary. W.E.B Du Boiss leadership style focused on educating black men to be great leaders.Each leaders theories on the prize of acceptable leadership were different, yet acceptable in their communities, however, each leader presented various methods of efficacious leadership abilities, which will influence other leaders as they develop their theories.Commonalities and DisparitiesThomas Carlyle, believed that the commander of men was superior, and all men were to be subordinated. Carlyle focused on the theory that leaders who exhibited themselves in a dignified vogue embodied the qualities of a great leader (Carlyle, 1795-1881 Wren, 1995, p.53). Carlyle also emphasized that heroism existed in whoever embodied the spiritual qualities of a commander. Further examination of Carlyles leadership theory revealed that he believed that a leader who is a nobleman fucking be trusted by all people (Carlyle, 1795-1881 Wren, 1995, p.53). Niccolo Machiavellis theory of a leader wasdescribed as mortal who can lead men whether they abided by or disobey the law.Machiavelli also believed that leaders who can establish means can be merciful, humane, but cautious. Mohandas Gandhi theory believed leaders should operate using self- control and discipline. Gandhi also described a powerful leader as someone who uses passive resistance (Gandhi, 1869-1984 Machiavelli, 1469-1527 Wren, 1995, p.68 &75). Finally W.E.B Du Bois was an advocate for educating black men, and he placed great emphasize on how education involved the training of ones mind, body and surroundings (Du Bois, 1868-1963 Wren, 1995, p.78). Du Bois theory on learning is that people can be influenced by their surrounds and motivated by different groups of people.Critical Analysis by and by completing the commonalities and disparities involving three great leaders my critical evaluation has led me to the conclusion that even though these leaders embody the characteristic to be brilliant facilitators and commanders, each leader lacks the ability to use effective conversation skills. Previous research has suggested that the lack of communicating can be confusing, mis imageing and lethal . For example, Emperor Frederick thirteenth century ruler of the Holy Roman Empire conducted research to determine what language mankind had spoken at birth. The experiment involved isolating infants from comprehend any communication until they spoke their first words. However, as a result of the experiment the babies died (Samata, 2012).Further studies have concluded that leaders who implement communication skills can establish their existence and define their image, but leaders who fail to communicate effectively and positively, risk damaging their reputation (Samata, 2012). Effective leadership requires leaders to be competent communicators, which is achieved by using clear and concise communication (Adubato, 2010). Furthermore, leaders who can use communication skills effectively, are able to comprehend and express ideas (Ringer, 2002 Tareq, 2008).Achieving effective oral communication skills requires leaders to limit words and phrases, which results in explaining their concept s and ideas. Levinson also states, leaders who use too many words have a vogue to ramble about non-relevant issues, however summarizing the main points, staying focused and avoiding distractions helps leaders discipline what information is relevant, resulting intranslating their thoughts into a profitable action faster (1968). Effective communication requires leaders to be prepared, organized and observant, giving leaders the ability to execute their message successfully (Showry & Manasa, 2012).Conclusion.By evaluating the leadership styles of historical leaders, I was able to understand how their theories influenced people throughout the ages. Carlyle, Gandhi, Machiavelli, and DuBois were all very influential leaders during their times in history. However, after comparing their similarities and disparities in theory and style, it is apparent that Carlyle viewpoints on what a great leader should be is entirely different from the perspectives of Gandhi, Machiavelli, and DuBois. Carl yle emphasized that all men should being entirely subordinate to their commander, and Gandhi believed in spirituality and taught leaders to focus on positive concepts.Machiavelli used a more drastic approach that required him to be prudent, be observant and maintain authority. Du Bois believed that black men should be educated. Further observation revealed that, even though, each leader embodied leadership qualities, using effective communication skills are essential to providing leaders with better communication technique, making the message clear and concise. attractions have the ability to achieve effective communication skills by limiting their words and stating the main facts. Finally leaders who can improve communication skills, can empower people, and maintain stability.ReferenceAdubato, S. (2010). Communication is key to effective office team building. NJBIZ, 23(27), 9. Retrieved from http// Levinson, R. E. (1968). How to get through to people. industrial Management, 10(5), 11.Ringer, R. (2002, Jul 28). Communication skills valued by employers. Pantagraph Retrieved from http// Tareq, N. A. (2008, Mar 06). Affective communication skills. Yemen Times Retrieved fromhttp// Samata, P. (2012). Importance of Effective Communication Skills. Language In India, 12(10), 333-341. Showry, M., & Manasa, K. (2012). Effective Communication for headmaster Excellence. IUP Journal of Soft Skills, 6(1), 39-46.Wren, J. T. (1995). The Leaders Companion shrewdness on leadership through the ages. Carlyle, T. The Hero as King (pp.53-54) impudent York, NY The Free Press.Wren, J. T. (1995). The Leaders Companion Insight on leadership through the ages. Du Bois, W .E.B. The Talented Tenth (pp.78-80) New York, NY The Free Press.Wren, J. T. (1995). The Leaders Companion Insight on leadership through the ages. Gandhi, M. Sa tyagraha (pp.72-77) New York, NY The Free Press.Wren, J. T. (1995). The Leaders Companion Insight on leadership through the ages. Machiavelli, N. How Princes Should Keep Faith (pp.67-68) New York, NY The Free Press.

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Entails personal statements

If ever I leave be accepted in the program and will be able to finish it, immediately later I graduate I will apply for the position of Hospital Administrator. Eventually, I would want to become a CEO.The program will submit me appropriate knowledge to be able to play the role of a hospital administrator effectively. Managing health foreboding institutions like hospitals, clinics, drug-abuse rehabilitation centers, as well as, overseeing of passing(a) operations will become more convenient as I will be properly equipped with the much needed skills and understanding after going through with the program.I will be able to guarantee the competence of the healthcare institution where and attend to/focus on the adequacy of medical care made available to the patients. In addition to that, because of the program, I will be in a break out position to give a hand or support the hospital staff especially those assigned to the medical department.Furthermore, with the training that I will u ndergo in the program, I will know better how to initiate the assimilation of board members, hospital staff, as well as, the chief of the different departments to function as one.For example, I will be able to enlighten out, instruct, manage, and bring together policies set by the board of trustees and eventually improve medical and health services provided by the healthcare institution that I will be running/heading.Also, I will also be able to conduct trainings or seminar-workshops for the staff including nurses, physicians, and other subordinates that I am supposed to utilise or hire.In case, I will be working for a research hospital then because of the learning experience provided by the program, I will be able to improve programs that involve quality assurance, preventive medicine, medical treatments, etc.In the end, I will be more equipped to function as Chief executive director Officer and be able to properly manage a corporate position as such.Reference**No reference will be provided for this as this entails personalised statements.

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Cafe yumm

It is not intended to serve as sources of primary data or illustrations of effective or ineffective management . Lets assume that it is currently October of 2011 and you are exploring the opportunity of becoming a Caf Yumm certificatione by holding a Caf Yumm near the I-JO campus on E13th street. Alternatively, you can open a Caf Yumm in downtown (two blocks from the LDT). For the downtown location, you face the following uncertainty the city plans to build a huge persona and apartment obscure (with estimated 100,000 material feet touch space and 150 apartments). The city will vote to make final decision in a year from today.If the envision is authorize by the city, the construction will take a year (starts this month next year and ends a year later that). You estimate the probability of the approval of the project by the city is 75%. To evaluate the franchise opportunity with Caf Yumm , you start to collect info as below. For both the I-JO and the downtown locations, you ha ve the following estimates of the expenses to move around a part of the Caf Yumm Franchise fee $35,000. This is one-time charge, paid to Caf Yumm. Advertising osts between 1% and 2% of the gross gross revenue paid to Caf Yumm n annually stand currently 1. 5% of the gross gross revenue. You will pay the advertising cost by the end of for each one year. Service fee 6% of the gross sales paid to Caf Yumm by the end of each year. For the I-JO location, you estimate that the initial enthronization is $350,000. That includes the remodeling cost and the first-year rent which is $6,000 per month for this 1,200 real toes feet restaurant space. The claim of the restaurant space will be guaranteed for the next seven years. The rent, however, is expected to vary every year. The rent will be paid by the end of each year.From the opportunity analysis, your estimate other expenses and sales for the I-JO location are as follows Expenses and Sales Labor Cost Non-labor Fixed Cost (Equipment lease, utility, insurance, and other miscellaneous cost Cost of Food Service Sales per $250,000 $36,000 $185,000 For the downtown location, you have the following choice depending on if the city approves the construction of the new line and apartment complex excerption A Rent a 1,500 square feet facility now The initial investment $500,000. That includes the remodeling cost and the first-year ent which is $15,000 per month for this 1,500 square feet restaurant space.The lease of the restaurant space will be a seven-year agreement (early termination and sub-rental are not allowed). The rent, however, is expected to increase to $20,000 per month after the new office and apartment complex is built (if the project is approved). The rent will be paid by the end of each year. Estimated labor cost, cost of food and service, and sales the same as those of the I-JO location before the new office and apartment complex is built two time of those of the I-JO location after the ew office and apartment complex is built (assume that if the new complex is not built, the estimated numbers will remain unchanged).Estimated non-labor fixed costs $4,500 per month. The number will increase to $6,500 after the new complex is built. Choice B First rent a 1,000 square feet facility now if the new office and apartment complex is approved by the city, you have the option to expend the rental space to a total 1,500 square feet (by contracting the next door rental space the unaccompanied way to expand the space in downtown area). The probability of the availability of that dditional 500 square feet space in this month next year is 80%.In addition, you estimate that the probability of the availability of that additional 500 square feet space after the new office and apartment complex is built is 0%. For this Choice B, you estimate The initial investment now That includes the remodeling cost and t year rent which is $10,000 per month for this 1,000 square feet restaurant space. If you get the additional 500 square feet space, the remodeling cost is $200,000. The monthly rent for the total 1,500 space is $20,000.Estimated labor cost, cost of food nd service, and sales 75% of those of the I-JO location before the new office and apartment complex is built 125% of those of the I-JO location after the new office and apartment complex is built if no expansion is performed two times of those of the I-JO location after the new office and apartment complex is built if the expansion is performed. Estimated non-labor fixed costs $4,000 per month for the 1,000 square feet facility and $6,500 per month for the 1,500 square feet facility.You currently dont have any cash to start and run the business. You need to borrow oney to pay the initial investment and the franchise fee. You have two alternative ways to raise capital Bank Option The money can be financed from a Portland-based ABC bank at the annual compound aim Wall Street Journal Prime Rate + 12%. If you loan from the ABC bank, there is no monthly payment. However, you must prepare one hold off to pay off your loan (principal plus interests) at the end of the seventh year.Early payoff is not allowed. Partnership Option As an alternative, a local investment firm offers you the following financial partnership opportunity. Under the partnership agreement, the firm would rovide you all the cash needed to start the business (initial investment including all remodeling costs, and the franchise fee). In exchange for this, the firm would receive 80% of all your net profit at the end of the seventh year (if there is any).

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Gingivitis Cause and Treatment

Gingivitis Cause and Treatment Gingivitis is a form of periodontal disease which involves inflammation and infection of the gums. This inflammation and infection lead to destruction of tissues that take the teeth including the gums, the ligaments and the tooth sockets. Causes Gingivitis does not form overnight. It is one of the long-term effects of plaque deposits due to improper brushing and flossing. Plaque is a sticky material do of bacteria, mucus, and food debris that grows on exposed parts of the teeth.It is a major cause of tooth decay as plaque, when not removed, turns into a hard deposit called tartar. potassium hydrogen tartrate then becomes trapped at the base of the tooth. Plaque and tartar are capable of irritating the gums and making it inflamed. Bacteria and the toxins they produce cause the gums to become infected, narcissistic and tender. Tender gums easily bleed. Moreover, injury to the gums due to exceedingly vigorous brushing or flossing of the teeth open fire also cause gingivitis. Medications and birth control pills and slow metals such as lead and bismuth can also contribute to the development of gingivitis.Misaligned teeth, rough edges of fillings, and ill-fitting or unclean mouth device such as braces, dentures, bridges, and crowns can irritate the gums and also increase the risk of gingivitis. Along with these, general illness, poor dental hygiene, pregnancy and uncontrolled diabetes raise the risk of developing gingivitis. Gingivitis comes at a varying degree on people from all walks of life. It usually develops during puberty or early adulthood due to hormonal changes and may regress frequently depending on the health of the teeth and gums.Symptoms may include bleeding gums, gums that are tender when touched, bright red or red-purple appearance of gums, mouth sores, shiny appearance of gums and swollen gums. Treatment If you schedule a check-up with the dentist, he will examine your mouth and teeth and look for soft, swollen, red-purple gums. The gums are usually painless or mildly tender. Once symptoms of gingivitis are found, more often than not, you will end up with a painful surgical gingivitis treatment. But then, dental health complications can be totally avoided with good oral practices.Oral health experts highly recommend proper care of the oral and dental regions with the use of high timber and effective mouth care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. As the cliche goes, prevention is better than cure as it can truly be uncontrollable to treat gingivitis once it has taken over the dental regions. Gingivitis and gum diseases can be prevented from developing at the onset. Regular daily brushing with the use of botanical toothpaste and finishing it with a botanical mouthwash is a more effective treatment for gingivitis.

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Economic Crisis: Solutions Essay

Global crisis is clearly felt nowadays, not only by third world countries but in any case by the richer and industrialized countries. Uprisings are recurring in different parts of the world by people who want change and a better life. Even in our country, the crisis is getting heavier each day. But then the real question is not the what, but more so, the how. How do we really resolve this problem? It is not unbeknownst(predicate) to us that the Philippines is in fact a country rich in natural resources.Even if the worst comes, we green goddess certainly sustain our living on our own. But what is happening now? Why are we poorer than we were before? One of the problems is our relationship with the country United States of America. They are currently exploiting both our natural and mankind resources. In addition to that, we are trying to bail them out from their economic crisis by paying our debt to them, in turn ignoring the needs of our own. The government now is trying to lesse n our debt by paying them little by little.But then who is suffering? The people. Right now, the rich countries are continuously becoming richer, and the poor, poorer still. They are victuals off of us. The solution cut our dependence to them. Some might that the US is the major source of investments in the country. But the effect is short term only. one time they pull out the capital that they invested, our economy would instantly run down the negative slope. So evidently, we cant immediately cut our connection to them. I say we start off small at first.For one, the government could redistribute the lands of the landlords to the farmers because small scale industries are much of a help in our economy. And also by doing this, we are not giving the control to our agricultural economy to few people only. Second, major companies in the country should be mainly owned by the Filipinos. It make passs the people jobs, the country higher internal revenue and we prevent them from over-ex ploiting our cheap human resources. Third, as a student and a scholar, academics should learn how to give back to our country.The youth and the intellectuals should be utilized in our own country, not abroad. We have enough bright minds here in the Philippines to device plans and start companies that whitethorn be beneficial to our economy. We can undoubtedly stand on our own. It is just that we were born on a mindset that we can never be independent. We can live without the help of the United States. There should be change, no matter how small it is. We should start on our own selves. A million small changes when feature can definitely make a large difference.

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The American Government

The security system of well-mannered sets and liberties is bestowed upon the judicature who enforces their enjoyment finished appropriate use of the rule of law. It is this balance between the government as a surety of complaisant rights and liberties and the government as a violator of courtly rights and liberties that define whether the citizenry will or will non rise against the political grammatical constructions to guard their inviolable and unalienable natural rights and liberties. The shin for polished unblockdom and rights has spanned centuries, some clippings with too much bloodshed.With each passing decade new statutes atomic number 18 passed to forethought and counteract the new challenges. This paper is a succinct analysis of the government and its role in advancing the visions of human rights and liberties as had been shouted by the inception Fathers of the United States of America. The American Government Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Civil liberti es can be defined as those respective(prenominal) rights held and enjoyed over and against the governments. There is no free clubhouse that can exist in the absence of civil liberties.This is the basic distinguishing feature between a free state and a totalitarian where an several(prenominal) is but a subservient to the state. In such regime, freedom of press, freedom of speech, or the freedom of accumulation is non existent and any individual who openly disagrees with the organization risks arrest, imprisonment and or execution (Walker 2004). In the context of American culture civil rights is applicable in reference to the Black Americans civil rights struggle which fought for comparison for ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, women, gay and lesbian people and other minority groups.Due to the prominence of the appointment for civil rights in the United States of America civil rights ar regarded differently from civil liberties. However, it is only proper that the co ncept of civil rights is regarded as a subsection of civil liberties. Civil liberties therefore cover the right of every individual to fair treatment from the government. On the other hand civil rights sometimes called social rights specifically cover the right of each and every individual to fair treatment from other citizenry as well as from the local governments.The beginning of civil liberties and civil rights can be traced to the signing of the announcement of Independence which stated that We hold these truths to be self-evident That all men are created catch. . . This was the basic blueprint for future statutes that would prohibit any form of sexual activity and racial discrimination from the public and private sphere. The history of the United States of America is adorned by brave individuals who were able to stand against the authorities of the day and proclaim the Declaration of Independence even when the prices they had to pay for such confrontations was their lives ( http//www.u-s-history. com). Civil Rights and Liberties Colonial Period Influenced by the developments in individual freedoms in England, settlers who migrated to America had with them the desire to fight for crystalizes that would guarantee them religious freedoms, give them rights to property ownership and most importantly protect them from the oppressive arms of the government. The signing of historical documents like the Magna Carta laid the buttocks for the institution of revolutionary ideals in the new macrocosm. These men had fled Europe be micturate they could non be permitted to freely pursue their social, economic and religious lives.It is not therefore affect that after settling in America, these colonists wrote charters and documents that established the Republic which was explicitly based on liberties. Some of the most important charters that expressed this desire to be emancipated and free were the Massachusetts Body of Liberties drafted in 1641, Pennsylvania Char ter of Privileges in 1701 and the New York Charter of Liberties of 1683. The intensification of conflicts in England after 1765, made the new colony make that the systems of government in England was a threat to all liberties and rights that the new colony cherished (Jillson 2007).This meant that the purposeful stride towards the Declaration of Independence had a jealous originator of preventing the brimming over of tyranny as was witnessed in England into the New colony created with the belief that human rights and liberties was of greater importance. Apart from what was practiced in the English association system where women had virtually no choice in life and men had no option but to be locked in their fathers social class, the New world provided an experimental ground for the revolutionary ideals.Early expressions of such ideals began to be seen as early as 1735 when in Philadelphia, an Attorney called Andrew Hamilton successfully defended an accused nates Peter Zenger, agai nst insubordinate libel charges. At that time criticism of the colonial government was unheard of. Through this successful suit, Hamilton was able to establish via his New York Weekly Journal that the punishment of truthful outlets disseminating matters of public concern constituted an infringement on the inalienable rights of citizens (http//www. During those early years after the formation of the American Republic, the Sedition Act of 1978 criminalized the publication or utterance of anything that was perceived to be false, malicious or scandalous against the government of the day or its officials. It is because of this statute the Federalists imprisoned Republicans during the administration of John Adams. In recent times such laws would be a clear contravention of the constitution. During this time lifestyles between the three colonial regions in the New World vary greatly.In the jointure, where only extreme whether prevailed, small family farms were more pr edominant. Since life was difficult lonely those who could endure the climatic hardships settled. The coming of the Dutch led to the founding of New Amsterdam. This was later on christened as New York. The Society of Friends (Quakers), who were mainly inhabitants of the Mid-Atlantic colonies moved to Pennsylvania and New Jersey where they continued to enjoy the freedom of worship. The grey Colonies of Maryland, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia became home to wealthy English Settlers.These settlers imported indentured servants from England to work in their farms. With the increase in the number and size and plantations, slave weary from Africa heightened to meet the patience demand. The Southern colonies had extremely large slave delveers that a society of slaves began to develop. By the writing of the Constitution, slavery as a violation of civil liberties was greatly avoided. By 1800, the number of slaves in the United States had reached a peak of nearly nine hun dred thousand individuals which were mainly concentrated in the South.To crystalize the increasing populations of slave craft, the Three-Fifths Compromise was legislated. Because of this statute slavery blossomed for the next 20 years without any hassle whatsoever. sexual relation came in 1808 to end, slavery and slave trade but the illegal importation was to continue in the Southern States. The Industrial Revolution In the context of civil rights and liberties, the era of industrial revolution acted as an incentive to the formation of organizational entities to fight for the rights of the oppressed laborers.Labor problems began between 1861-1880 with the entry of newly educated women and farmers sons into the industrial workplace. As was characteristic with the industrial revolution overcrowding, sweatshops, piteous working conditions, child labor, extremely long hours of work were prevalent in the industrializing Northern States. In quest of better working condition and terms, labor unions sprung. By 1869, the Order of the Knights of Labor was created to increase the negotiation powers of workers through the unionization of all American workers.The period spanning between the 1870s to the 1900s witnessed violent protests against the ills of industrialization. Unions fought for labor law changes, collective negociate rights, maximum hours in a days work and finally minimum wage laws. til now though, there were a variety of unions at this time they did not cater for the rights of blacks due to the occupations occupied by blacks. Moreover, the extent of racial discrimination in these labor unions was so high that even blacks that constituted these unions were unable(p) to improve the working conditions of their brothers in occupations not covered by the labor unions.The formation of National Negro Business League which was hence headed by booking agent T. Washington encouraged blacks to accept the presence of segregation between them and other races whi le working towards starting their own business enterprises where they could frequent. Some labor leading such as Eugene V. Debs, Terrence V. Powdery, Marry Harris Jones and Samuel Gompers even fought for equal level of civil rights that was accorded to the wealthy union leaders such as Andrew Carnegie and J. P. Morgan.It is this initial insistence on equal rights for all that led to the rising of the right way unions like the Congress of Industrial Organization and consequently the pressure to Congress to pass the labor reform laws like the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act with the main objective of eliminating the labor conditions that were detrimental to maintaining minimum living standards crucial for the health, efficiency and the overall well existence of the workers. This was the call touted by President F. D. Roosevelt as one of the most important, far reaching and far sighted labor law reforms.It is this Act that created the maximum hebdomadal hours or work as well as the m inimum hourly wage by 1945. as years trudged on, some labor leaders diligent in gross abuse of power hence bridling effort to further increase the workers benefits (http//www. u-s-history. com). Ideas and Movements during the Civil War unto Modern Times It should be understood that the cause towards the full enjoyment of the civil rights and civil liberties trudged on decade unto decade albeit at a much more slower pace even though the Declaration of Independence had specifically spelled out these desires.However, the issue of slavery and whether one state would tolerate the practice of the same in border neighbors created a het up struggle thrusting the civil rights movement into the mainstream of American theater. During the civil war the issue of slavery created a disparity between the Southern and Northern States and with this struggle a new fight for the protection of the rights and liberties of the minorities began. Prior to the Civil War a majority of those living in the So uthern regions could not afford the labor services of a slave.For this reason they migrated out of the Southern region in search for better opportunities for themselves. Likewise, owners of large plantations also knew that the provision of cheap slave labor would soon dry out, but instead of moving out or changing the nature of their business enterprises they struggled to promote the existence of slavery. Moreover, the plantation owners believed that slavery was justifiable because it was only through slavery that the economies of the North and the South could be maintained.Since slavery also guaranteed the lifestyle that was led in the South, Southerners generally held no negative absorb concerning the impacts of slavery on the well being of workers. This was an opposing view to that held by the Northerners who were mainly traders and small farmers. According to them slavery was supposed to be confined to the Southern States arguing that its spread to other territories was undesir able. They were also of the opinion that its existence in the Southern States should also be abolished.Disregarding the economic consequence of the abolition of slavery, they posited that if that was the case then is it. According to them slavery was immoral and it should be dome away with. Their persistent call through very prominent leaders, created the fuel of secession. Even though the liberty Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 freed slaves, it was only through the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution that slavery was abolished throughout America. The 14th Amendment ensured that freed slaves became entitled to equal protection by the Federal Law.The ratification of the 15th Amendment ensured that all Americans enjoyed the rights to vote irrespective of gender or race. By 1920, the ratification of the 19th Amendment extended voting rights to women. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation explicitly removed all forms of discrimination, the black population was s till subject to discrimination in almost all centers of the economy. They could not even be allowed to play in the National Association of Baseball Players despite their self evident talents. Black players were subjected to murder attempts, bomb threats and hate mails.However, as the century turned, the 19th century presented great opportunities for black integration into the American society and the solving of womens rights issues. The dawn of the 20th century promised great expansions in civil rights and civil liberties. These expansions were to be the yardsticks upon which a new nation would be formed. The transformation in the 20th century was so rapid and tremendous that powerful civil right activists took the mantle from their forefathers to steer the fight for equal rights and liberties to a new level. Such Leaders included Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks.It is only through years of bloodshed and civil arrest that tremendous gains were achieved. Civil Liberti es and Rights in the Modern Era. The purpose of the government as a political governance structure is to secure civil rights and liberties. This power is limited to the powers expressed by the citizenry who delegate such powers to the government. The citizenry is by nature more superior to the government and they cannot cede the governments power. This ultimately means that governments power is extremely low and incomparable to the inviolable rights that individuals possess.This is the concept behind the possession of natural rights which are pre-existing in each and every individual. Since each and every individual possesses pre-existing natural rights, their expression as civil rights in a society essential be in congruence with the principle of equality. Americans by nature of their existence are members of a political society governed by a political governance structure. Through elections, the protection of civil rights and liberties is bestowed upon the government who enforces the enjoyment of these rights and liberties through appropriate use of the rule of law.Since the government enjoys the monopoly over the use of coercion or physical force in advancing the virtues and values of the society, the protection of the same ultimately rests with the government. It is this balance between the government as a guarantor of civil rights and liberties and the government as a violator of civil rights and liberties that define whether the citizenry will or will not rise against the political structures to safeguard their natural rights. The vision of natural rights and liberties found its expression in the Declaration of Independence and all the other founding documents (Bolick 1996).Since the United States of America is a Federalist system of government, it is not static in operation. The Constitution which lies at the bedrock of the nation itself is flexible as to allow the Congress, the Supreme Court and the President the chance to institute amendments that ar e in congruence with the issues of modern society. Initially, the proposed Federalist Constitution ignored the protection of the common citizenry. Since this was a direct affront on the existence of a free and pop nation, the first Congress quickly made a proposal of twelve amendments.These were then transmitted to the States for comprehensive ratification. By the end of 1971, ten states had ratified the amendments and these amendments became cognize as the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment granted the freedom of religion which specifically prevented the Congress from creating state sponsored religions thus prohibiting Americans from exercising their freedom to worship. Additionally, these amendments also granted equal freedoms of speech, press and assembly (Pate & Napoli 2007).As citizens, who are by their existence members of the political society called a nation, they held some rights, duties and responsibilities. Since the government draws its existence from the people and t he Constitution it has the responsibility of protect the fundamental rights and liberties under the common law. During the ratification of the Constitution, delegates relied on the promise of the Congress to protect the rights and liberties of individuals in the face of a government intent on abusing these inalienable rights and liberties (Strausser 2004).Despite the belief that the Constitution effectively provided for almost everything in the amendments that were to constitute the Bill of Rights, congressional delegates went on and ratified the amendments that form the basis of civil rights and civil liberties. These twain are definitively distinguishable but their distinctions are not usually clear cut and a variety of issues affect both hence their erroneous exchangeability.The cooperate Amendment guaranteed the liberty to store and bear arms as a form of state militia who could be relied upon for security reasons should a state of emergency arise. Currently, this amendment is exhibited by the presence of the National Guard. The 1700s was ripe with troops being stationed in American homes. To safeguard the citizenry from any future hosting of troops in homes without personal consent, the Congress passed the Third Amendment which prohibited the stationing of troops in personal homes.The protection of those accused of criminal acts was enshrined under the Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment and the Sixth Amendment. The Fourth specifically protects against unused searches by the government. A warrant of search can only be issued by the court to the law enforcement agencies if they satisfy the conditions for the warrant. If a search was done without the courts intelligence of a probable cause, then evidences gathered from the search can not constitute prosecutor evidence in the Courts (Strausser 2004).In this post modern era, the preservation of civil rights and liberties remains an important instrument for maintaining our democratic health, particularly und er the current threats of national security and patriotism. The government as the main instrument of change must never lose these essential rights as these are democratic tenets that hold American as the greatest nation in the world. Every single citizen has the right to equal legal treatment. All people regardless of the fact that they whitethorn not be American citizens have the right to all essential civil rights and civil liberties.America through its government holds the power of ensuring that all nations in the world progress towards an apex of a free and democratic society. In fulfilling this promise, the government may pursue policies aimed at granting all world citizens the rights to fairness and justice based on the presumption of innocence. Rights to freedom and privacy from searches and seizures in the absence of warrants, freedom of speech, assembly and discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, race, national origin, political beliefs or gender.Since the tragic Septe mber 11 attacks, America created a new statute The Patriots Act, which has been instrumental in fundamentally violating civil rights and liberties of citizens and non citizens alike. That is the reason why, the government and the general citizenry and called upon to engage in worthwhile introspection and stand up with enough courage to touch on age old values of liberty, democracy and universal justice in the face of modern challenges. References Bolick, Clint. (1996).The Affirmative Action Fraud Can We Restore the American Civil Rights Vision? Cato Institute, p. 27-28 History of Civil Rights in America. http//www. u-s-history. com/pages/h2871. html Jillson, Cal. (2007). American Government Political Change and Institutional Development. Routledge Press. Pate, S. & Napoli, T. (2004). CSET Social Science Social Science. John Wiley and Sons. Strausser, J. (2004). Painless American Government. Barrons Educational Series Walker, S. (2004). Civil Liberties in America A Reference Handboo k. ABC-CLIO.

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Private and Public Security

To begin, I will state that unrestricted certificate department and closed-door security need each different to survive in their fields. Unfortunately, public security or state police officers, dont usu anyy have enough personnel nor can they be e realwhere all over town. There Just isnt enough man power. Public safety gets paid by tax reconcileers to guard their regions, schools, large banks, airports etc. They dont have the time or people to Just hang around current neighborhoods all day and night or small businesses. This is where they benefit from public security and their unique responsibilities.Like everything, sometimes these relationships are like a marriage. Some work and some dont, I guess it depends on demographic and education. I cut in Miami, Fl where my husband served a couple of years as a private security officer they got a lot of support when they needed to work on an arrest (depending on the neighborhood or gig) but when it came to having the police patrol areas that were hot in between shifts, they were virtually nowhere to be seen. This left them with a lot of work load and relying on their training and personal strategies on how to kitty with the days work.My husband said the officers who used to patrol the areas he was in would tell him to rely on his weapon because the cops were Jerks and sometimes took too long to show up to a scene. My husband is a affectionate butterfly. He loves to talk to people and make them laugh and become your friend. Id say he could be an fine Disney officer With this being said, he made it his mission to befriend the counties cops and work with them. In less than 3 months, he was friendly with two cops and had personal contact exchanged.He brought them food whenever he got a chance and looked aside when he left his shifts and made sure all was good on his drive back home, securities industry store, school etc. They became a mini team and my husband felt very supported by the local public officers. I felt comfort knowing they were a team and my husband had backup man out in the real world. My husbands security firm was very small and unrecognized but they had very solid clients. Some of these clients included deiced agencies, high end condominiums, high end bars in downtown, and other good paying residential areas.They had contacts with these kind of places. My mom asked him once why such wealthy condos chartered them quite of relying on local police. These were after all, higher tax paying individuals right? If you know Miami, you know that all homes that were worth millions of dollars in neighborhoods like Cutler Bay dont want to live in Caribbean Blvd near the Turnpike. all(prenominal) ritzy neighborhood whether residential or commercial, had a low class poor neighborhood r high crime neighborhood border lining it. This is where they come in.Some of these areas police department had this annoying economic consumption of not coming to the crime scene immediately even i f you did live in the Vicar neighborhood. This is where private security is compensated and supported by the communities and public officers. My husband guarded a hospital branch and condominium from pm to Sam 4 days a week. Cops were not always available to come and make a report about a parking lot light that was out, a missing sign, a loud teenager at the pool, a dog whose winner keeps letting them relieve themselves right in front of some front doors.I am sure that my husband being there responding to these tedious shortsighted things that may seem insignificant but are actually relieving a burden off the officers. On the other hand, state and local police were tending to the streets, following up on emergencies and minor incidents, occupation violations, domestic calls etc. They relief their workload and works in their favor to have private officers pickings care of other issues within the same community/city. Some people are scared and say that privatized security is eke au thorizing vigilantism, I actually recently read that somewhere online.This cannot be proven anywhere in the US. In order to secure our neighborhoods, we must be willing to pay. I mean actually pay out of our pockets. If you are not willing to pay, dont complain about the pudgy grandpa that is napping at Bam instead of securing your investment. You get what you give and it can be a perfect harmony in between public and private agencies especially if theyre willing to train together and work together as a linked force called for different area codes.

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America’s Failure at the Bay of Pigs

Cuba was a US-control take isand since 1898 when it won Cuba from Spain after the Spanish-American war. time itofficially controlled Cuba only until 1902, it established itself on the island with a long-term lease on Guantanamo Bay for a naval base. Up to the time in front Castro was oceanted in power, the US ambassador to Cuba was the second most pwoerful officail after the ch argument. (Lafeber, 19 Aril 1986, p. 537). President Truman student lodging March 12, 1947 claimed the Truman Doctrine recom finish to Congress to halt the Russian aggression in Europe.I believe that it mustiness be the policy of the get together States to support free piles who are resisting atempted subjugation by armed minorities or by kayoedside pressures. (cited in Ismael, 1965, p. 3212). Regular battles with the threat of communism and in 1948, the Belrin blockade where the Russian tries to lust out the Western sector but the US responded by placelifting a tremendous amount of solid food and ot her supplies. The US assistd the internalistas versus the Communista in the civil war in mainland China which the Communists eventually won in 1949.In 1950, the US gladly responed to the call to end the Communists North America aggression towards South Korea by send troops under Gen. Douglas McArthur. While the Korean war became inetnsely unpopular aong many Americans as casualties were heavy and the Truman institution was blamed for not foreseeing the attack. There was a general agreement nevertheless that the cuommunist leders had to be sh restrain that the US would, if necessary, white plague force to stop the expansionist plans. In 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president.Anti-cmmunist sentiment was stillness going strong as McCarthy continued his unproven charges that the organization payrll include communists. Through his charges, teh Sneator speread fear and dissension throughout the countyr. In 1954, Cimmunist China threatened the islands held by the Nationalist politics. The US announced that it would defend Taiwan against any atack and pledged itself to avail any fellow Sout East Asian Trety Organizaton member in fighting communist advances. Communist check in Latin America became more and more apparent especially in Cuba. In 1959, Fidel Castro ended the islands totalitarian governemnt.Soon, Caro was displaying dictatorial tendencies and strong leanings towards communism. By 1960, it was evident that Cuba was trying to implant communism in other Latin American nations. (Book of Knowledge) Castro first attracted international attention and national history when he led an unsuccessful attack on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago, Cuba on July 24th 1953 hoping to overthrwo the dictatorship of then President Fulgencio Batista. Castro was parthroughd in 1955 and sailed to Mexico but returned in 1956 and instigated a guerila wafare against Batistas administration.In the early hours of 1st January 1959, Batista and the former Prime Minisster and newlyelected President Dr. Andres Rivero Aguero fled Cuba (Telzrow, 2006). On Jan. 6th, an official note proclaiming the sincere right-hand(a) bequeath of the government of the United States towards the new government was sent to Castro (Welch, 1982, p. 29). Career diplomat Philip Bonsal was then appointed as the new US Ambassador to capital of Cuba with the hope that Bonsal depart be able develop good raltions with Castro replicating his sucess in Bolivia where he was able to establisg good dealingships with the left-leaning incumbent adminsitration.On April 19, 1959 after a 3 ? hour meeting with Vice President Richard Nixon in chapiter D. C. , Nixon was convinced that Castro was indeed a communist. Castro was determined to transform Cuba led to radical reforms and other economic changes that brought him adjacent to the Cuba communist party and site him on a collisison course with the Eisenhower Adminsrtration. When in early 1960, the US tried and true to strangle Castro with tough economic sanctions, he turned to the Soviet bloc for help. (Lafeber) Free lections were suspended, confidential billet was socialized, US property was confiscated, On Oct.12, the Cuban government nationalizes 382 big businesses including manufacturers of sugar, liquor, beer, perfume, soap, textiles and milk products as well as bank. (Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 161). As early as Oct. 1959, programs had been proposed by the Department of State in agreement with the CIA to support elements unlike to the Cuban government date making Castros downfall seem to be the result of his own mistakes. In Dec. 1959, J. C. King, the CIAs head of its Western Hemisphere division outlines a series of covert and propaganda trading accomplishments to overthrow Castro.On March 17, Preseident Eisenhower approves a CIA policy paper title A Program of Covert put to death Against the Castro Regime. (Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 159). In the History of Cuba as compiled and written by J. A. Sierra (2007, par. 14), the plan was siad to be possessed of included 1) the creation of a responsible and unified Cuabn opposition to the Castro regime located outside of Cuba, 2) the knowledge of a means for mass communication to the Cuban people as part of a powerful propaganda offesnive,3) the creations and organic evolution of a covert intelligence and action organization within Cuba whioch would respond to the orders and studyions o the exile opposition, and 4) the development of a paramilitray force otuside of Cuba for future insurrectionist action. These goals were to be achieved in sucg a manner as to repress the appearance of U. S. intervention. In July 1960, Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khruschev openly declared its support for Castro by speaking of figurative rockets that would protect Cuba from teh U. S. to which Pres.Eisenhower announced that the US would no tolrate the establishment of a regime dominated by international communism in the Western hemisphere. ( cited in Sierra, 2007, par. 7). On Oct. 28, Amb. Bonsal was permanently recalled to Washington. On Jan. 3, 1961, all diplomtic relations were broken off with Cuba. The year 1960 was also the year for the exertion period for the the presidential elections. Vice President Richard Nixon was running against SenatorJohn F. Kennedy. The Kennedy campiagn rode on the American voters anti-Castro sentiment and their restlessness towards the resolution of the Castro issue.On the eve of a candidates debate, Kennedy attacked Eisenhowers Cuba policy. He called for U. S. support for the non-Batista anti-Castro forces in exile, and in Cuba itself, who offer eventual hope for overthrowing Castro. Stated further, then far these fighers for freedom have had no support from our government. Nixon attacks Kennedys position on Cuba as irresponsible and reckless since he knew that CIA Director Allan Dulles himslef briefed Kennedy some months stern on intelligence amtters including the training of Cub an exiles for doings against the Castro government.(Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, pp. 160-162). Meanwhile, the program for covert action was beingness put in place. Radio Swan goes on the argumentation in May 1960. The programs were taped in Miami and routed throught the Swan transmitter, An airport was built in Guatemala, a cuntry whose president was be warden to the CIA-led U. S. support in overthrowing the reformist government in 1954. The Cuban exiled forces called Brigade 2506 who were being trained in Useppa Island off the coast of Florida were transferred to a camp in Guatemala.Eventually, the size of the brigade grew to just almost 1,500 soldiers and were called Brigade 2506. A fewer months later, Castro charged that the U. S. has taken over Swan Island and has setup a truly powerful broadcasting station there, during an address to the UN demesne(a) Assembly which the US refuted claiming that there is a private commercial broadcasting station in Swan Island . Foreigh M insiter Raul Roa addressed the UN a month later providing inside information on the recruitment and training of the Cuban exiles wherein he referred to them as mercenaries and counter-revolutionaries.The CIA recruits were paid USD400 per month to train and an special USD175. 00 for their wives and more for their children. (Sierra, 2007, par. 19) NOTE In a historic meeting of the participants of both sides in 2001, Castro himself pointedly referred to them as brigadistas. President Eisenhower approves a budget of USD13 million for the covert antCastro operation as well as the social function of the Department of Defense personnel and equipment. However, it was specified that no US military personnel are to be used in combat status. 2ND PLAN The CIA changes the conception of the plan in Nov.8-9, 1960 from a insurrectionist infiltraion to an amphibious invasion Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 162). Why? Cuban accustaion of propaganda via Radio Swan First attempt at droping weapons and supplies to the internal Cuban exemption was a failure having missed the drop zone by seven miles, lands on a dam, picked up by Castro forces and the gound agent caught and shot Young officers revolt in Guatemala due(p) to the presence of the Cuba expeditionary force which the US helped to quell The operation is no longer a deep as it is known all over Latin America and was being discussed in UN circles.The Joint headspring of Staff were consulted for the first time on Jan. 11th 1961. A working committee including representatives from the CIA, Defense and the JCS resulted which the Pentagon encipher names Operation Bumpy Road. On Jan. 28th, newly-elected President John F. Kennedy receives his first CIA briefing on the Cuban operation. The concept of the plan as outlined in the memorandum prepared by two ripened CIA official in charge of the brigade, Jacob Esteline and Jack Hawkins is as follows The initial mission of the invasion force will be to seize and defend a small a rea.There will be no attempt to run low out of lodgment for further offensive operations unless and until there is a general uprising against the Castro regime or overt military intervention by the US forces has taken place. (Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 164). The landing would be in the vicinity of the old colonial city of Trinida, Cuba in the southern coast of Cuba. This is approximately 400 km. southeastward of Havana at the foothills of Escambray mountains. The Trinidad site provided a enumerate of options that the exile brigade could exploit during the invasion.The popiltaion of Trinidad was generally foreign to Castro and the rugged mountains outside the city provided an area into which the invasion force could retrogress and establish a guerilla campaign were the landing to falter. Throughout the 1960, the growing ranks of Briagde 2560 rained throughout for the beach landing and possible mountain retreat (Wikipedia). Richard Bissell, CIA Director of pictures, assessed th e plans as having a fair chance of success success meaning ability to survive, hold ground and attarct groing support for Cubans and get a ful-fledged civil war in which the US could then back the anti-Castro forces openly.At worst, the invaders should be able to fight their focus to the Escabray and go into guerilla action. (Bight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 164). The military plan for d-day of Macrh 5 is put back until April after examination of all possible alternatives. Why? State Department point out grave effects on US position in Latin America No way to disgusie US complicity However, Bissell argued for the invasion on the grounds of disposal problem if the mission is aborted brigade members will be angry, disillusioned and aggressive (in fact a revolt did occur in late Jan.1961 among the Cuban exiles in Guatemala and almost half of the more than 500 en in camp resigned. ) (Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 164). Bissell concludes that this is the last opportunity for the US to bring down Castro without overt US military intervention or a full embargo. National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy recommended to institute a trade embargo first and let internal oppositon shit for several months and then launch Bissellss battalion. Ther Trinida plan is rejected as the President prepfers a quiet landing, prefereably at night with no basis for American military intervention.CIA presented three alternatives. The first is a modification of the Trinidad plan, the second targets an area on the northeast coast of Cuba and the thrid is an invasion at the Bay of Pigs codenamed Opertion Zapata. The pPresident orders modifcations of the Zapata Plan to mak it appear more like an inside, guerilla-type operation. It was modified to a night landing (instead of a dawn landing) and air drops a t first light. Kennedy questions the necessity of the air strikes, A compromise is agreed upon limited air strikes two days pror to d-day simultanoeus with a diversionary landing of 160 men in E astern Cuba.These strikes will give the impression of being the action of Cuban pilots defecting from teh Cuban air force and thus supproting the lying that air support for the invasion force is coming from within Cuba. Bissell also reassures Kennedy that the Cubans on the island will give way in an uprising. Sen. William Fulbright, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations describes the venture as ill-considered and predicts that it will be unrealistic to conceal the US hand. After polling a dozen advisers, all vote in favor of pitiful ahead ecept for Sec.Of State Dean Rusk who remained noncommittal. Defense Sec. Requested the JCS to reconsider the rules of engagement to ensure that the US would not become oertly engaged with Castro forces. Seven days forwards d-day, Esterline and Hawkins, two of the leaders of the invasion call on Bissell to tell him that they want to quit. They say that the project is out of control. Bissell asks them to stay and they do. Three days before the invsion, Kennedy rules outm under any condition, an intervention in Cuba by the US Armed Forces.One day before the invasion, the number of plane were reduced from 16 to 6 planes as ordered by Kennedy in order to support it minimal. On April 16, Kennedy formally approved the landing plan. However, fearing international condemnation, Kennedy cancels the dawn air strikes until the beachhead airfiled is in the transfer of the aldning force and completely operational and capale of supporting the raids. Bissel argued that the ships as well as the landings will be ill endangered without the dawn strikes,In early morning, aboard the Blagar, CIA agent Grayston Lynch receives a message from Washington Castro still has operational aircraft. Expect you to be hit at dawn. Unload all troops and supplies and take ships to sea as soon as possible. On learning that the invading troops will meet resistance in the landing area, due to failure to destroy all of the Cuban air force, the Blagar moves in blotto to shore and delivers gunfire support. Brigade troops commence landing at 0100 hours. Later that morning, the Houston comes under air attack and is hit.It goes aground with about 180 men on the west side of the Bay of Pigsabout five miles from the landing beach. At 930 AM, the freighter Rio Escondido is sunk by a direct rocket hit from a Sea Furywith ten days reserves of ammunition on board, as well as food, hospital equipment, and gasoline. All crew members are rescued and transferred to the Blagar. Fighting rages throughout the day, with the brigade freighters withdrawing 50 miles out to sea. That evening, President Kennedy discusses the deteriorating situation with his advisers.(Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 168). On April 18, the Brigade Commander refused a call for evacuation. While at the UN on the same day, Ambassador Adlai Stevenson continued to deny that the United States had intervened militarily in Cuba. Bissell, in direct violation of Kennedys instructions, aut horized American pilots to fly combat missions when a number of the Cuban pilots at Pueto Cabezos refused to fly. On April 19, two planes flown by U. S. pilots were shot down and the pilots killed. The invasion force were captured.About 130 were killed and 1,189 were taken prisoners. Cubas casualties were about 157. Mass trial were held and each was sentenced to 30 years in prison. After 20 months of negotations, most were released in echange for USD53 million in baby food and medical supplies. (Sierra, 2007). Lymann Kirkpatrick, the CIA Inspector General, issued a discover that pointed to Bissell and his aide Tracy Barnes as not having firm plans for the invasion and failed to advise Kennedy that a covert action is not at all possible.Bissell rebutted by issuing a memorandum of his own and putting the blame on Kennedys withdrawal of the air strikes. On June 13, 1961, General Taylor, head of the Taylor Commitee composed on Gen. Maxwell taylor, Atty. General Robert Kennedy, Adm. Arl eigh Burke and Dir. Gen. Of CIA Allen Dulles to investigate why the operation failed submits their report to President Kennedy A paramilitary operation of the magnitude of Zapata could not be prepared and conducted in such a way that all U. of it and corporation with it could be plausibly disclaimed. By about November 1960, the impossibility of running Zapata as a covert operation under CIA should have been recognized and the situation reviewed. If a reorientation of the operation had not been possible, the project should have been abandoned. (Blight & Kornbluh, 1999, p. 169). Apart from the reports of Kirkpatrick of the CIA and the Taylor Committee, and after more documents relating to the Bay of Pigs invasion surfaced and were declassified, the following can be concluded the CIA do decisions on mere assumptions that the people would spontaneously assist in overthrowing Castro (Lafeber, 1986). they failed to see that the exiles and the supporters were the loud minority while the majority were straddling the fence in a wait-and-see attitude inasmuch as Castros government was still at its inception and already seemed to have eben serious about its reforms in distributing the wealth concentrated on the few during the previous regime which was openly supported by the U.S. the United States could have lost sympathy from the locals since from 1898, they have exerted great influence over Cubas internal affairs seemingly to the point of meddling in order to favor American businessees and the invasion was undeniably a US-backed operation the US did not assumption its own invading force, not even telling the Cuban exiles the actual day of the invason. One aganet admitted that, I dont trsut any goddamn Cuban. (Lafeber, 1986) aside from being trapped by his own campaign statements, the ongoing cold war forced Kennedy to take immediate if undecisive action in battling Cubas Castro and last the USSRs Nikita Kruschev for the Western hemisphere there were tactical errors such as mistaking the coral reefs in the Bay of Pigs for seaweed which ran the exile craft aground and made easy targets the US underestimated the Castros auspices and defenses.In a historic meeting in 2001 between the antagonists and the protagonists in the invasion which was held in Cuba, it was divulged that a vast security network had been established and about 20,000 suspected dissidents were rounded up which effectively squelched US expectations of a mass rebellion. Moreover, the Cuban air forces better planes were camouflaged and the ones that were destroyed by teh pre-d-day strike were decoys. (Dinges, 2001, p. 6). the CIA strategy is grow on another assumption that no president, Kennedy included despite his statements against overt operations, will allow the United States to go down in ignominous defeat and will send in the Marines (as related by Whote signboard adviser Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. In Dinges, 2001). There were no CIA broadcasts to announce t he invasion (Telzrow, 2006). It would seem highly tall(a) that the worlds greatest superpower would be defeated by a revolutionary government barely over a year in power. However, that is exactly what Cuba did did under Fidel Castros leadership.On April 19, 1961 Cuba was able to repel an invasion led by 1,400 commandos of Brigade 2506 who arrived at Playa Giron (Giron Beach) from Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs) Brigade 2506 was US-backed all the way. The planning and training was done by the CIA. They were armed and supplied by the US. It was not a failure of the men of the invasion force who fought valorously and refused to be evacuated. Given the circumstances surrounding the invasion, it was a perfect failure as it has now been dubbed for the dramatic defeat of the US.Overall, this is mainly due to the arrogance displayed by America and has now been immortalized in the Bay of Pigs. ? References Blight, J. G. & Kornbluh, P. (Eds. ) (1999). government of illusion The Bay of Pig s invasion re-examined. Boulder, CO Lynne Rienner. Dinges, J. (2001, April 23). Back to the Bay of Pigs. The Nation, 272, 6. Ismael, F. L. (1965). The United States as a world leader. The Book of Knowledge, vol. 9, pp. 3206-3224. New York Grolier Incorporated. Lafeber, W. (1986, April 19). Lest we forget the Bay of Pigs the unlearned lessons. The Nation, 242, 537-539. Sierra, J. A. (2007).History of Cuba. Retrieved August 15, 2007, from http//www. historyofcuba. com/cuba/htm. Telzrow, M. E. (2006, August 21). Bay of Pigs betrayal The batrayal of the Cuba people by the CIA, State Department and staff members of the New York Times ranks as one of the Americas darkest foreign-policy moments. The New American, 22, 37-39. Welch. R. E. (1985). Response to revolution The United States and the Cuban revolution, 1959-1961. Chappel Hill, NC University of North Carolina Press. WIKIPEDIA. 2007. Bay of Pigs invasion. Retrieved August 15, 2007, from http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bay_of_Pigs_Invas ion.

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Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk? Essay

The question being asked here would be Does a works eng shuttinger larger if irrigateed with take out? Or water? In my opinion the answer would be take out beca function take out contains vitamins and atomic number 20 that water does not have, but the answer is to be found out later during the project. nearly, it is know that for a be to survive it pull up stakes unquestionably desire air, soil, water, light, and space to grow, but maybe if we replaced water with milk, positions could grow bigger and quicker, you never know.To test my theory, e very morning before school I ordain water two of my kit and caboodles with water like I regularly do, and two of my plants with milk which will be whateverthing new and will hopefully do my plants grow big and strong. The milk will probably alleviate make the plants stronger. We humans need to have nutrients which we get from the food we eat that helps our bodies grow and stay healthy. Of course, mediocre like us, plants withal need the nutrients to grow. Milk actually contains quite a few nutrients, which may or may not help the plant grow bigger.Milk could besides act as the plants plant food which could improve the plants growth. Those be just close to of the ways that milk would help a plant grow. Well to start off, milk does make our bones stronger, it sounds like it tolerate also make a plant grow taller because of the atomic number 20 that it contains. So if milk helps us grow, why shouldnt it help plants grow? I know that water is important to plants for many a(prenominal) reasons, like moving the gases during photosynthesis and making glucose needed for the plants energy. However, plants can also grow when they are watered with other liquids.Watering plants with different liquids can give the plants not tho the water they need for growing, but it also gives the plant other gases and nutrients water does not have that will support their growth. Milk has so many qualities that would h elp a plant grow. Milk helps protect the plant with things by changing the pH takes of leaves to avoid diseases to attack the plant. It can also control the pH level of the soil. The pH is what makes the plant work. Milk will make the vermin and bacteria in the soil grow better too.The milk contains some(a) proteins that could be used by the plant as a rootage of nitrogen for the improvement of growth, calcium in the milk would help the plant to grow better. Milk has many different types of waters in it including sugars, carbohydrates, and lactose, some of which the plant can use to grow bigger. Some farmers use milk to make those really big orange pumpkins for carnival contests even bigger. Milk contains many, many, many nutrients some can help the plant grow, some may have no effect on the plants growth, and some might actually kill the plant.For example milk contains some protein that could be used by the plant as a source of nitrogen for helping it to grow and the milk can add nutrients to the soil. Since the milk has calcium, giving the plant some of this additional calcium from milk could possibly help improve the plants growth. The milks sugar, also known as the lactose, probably wont be able to be used by the plant. It could actually cause a build-up in the soil which could damage the plant leading it to die.The nitrogen in milk is full of protein, but the bacteria and the fungus kingdom in the soil will break this devour and some of the nitrogen will be released as nitrate or ammonia. These ions that contain the nitrogen can then be taken into the plant roots for growth. Milk also has vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin D, zinc, and many other elements some of which will not make any difference in the plants growth. It is known that milk will definitely help tomato plants with their growth, as well as some other garden vegetables, a repeated (which is a plant that lives for more than two years like apples, apricots, bananas etc.) and even h ouseplants. Milk contains water, carbohydrates and lactose. Since plants need water for them to grow, the water inside milk can also help it grow. I dont know if youve heard of this, but milk can also be a fertilizer to help a plant grow. You probably do know that milk contains calcium. Calcium is actually a very important plant macronutrient. Macronutrients are the foods that help plants grow and work. Calcium helps a plant build its cadreular phone walls which have the job of transporting the other plants nutrients, protecting the cell membrane and the cell in general.Also the calcium level in the soil controls the soil pH, the pH is what makes the plant work or not work. If the calcium is taken out of the soil, the soil will become more acid and can change the plants growth. So when you give plants milk, you are practically giving them calcium, which we all know we need to grow. Milk has proteins, vitamin B and sugars that are good for plants, helping their health and crop grow th. The germs that eat the fertilizer particles of milk are also accommodative to the soil. Also, gardeners from back in the old days AND recent scientific plant research say that milk contains fungicidal properties.This means that if you spray milk on plants, it will control the growth of bad fungi. constitute researches in Brazil and in Australia have recently used milk as a antimycotic on vegetable crops, grapes, and flowers. They said that spraying a small mix of 1 part of milk and 9 parts of water stopped the fungi from growing. Besides giving your plants a nutritional boost, milk can also help prevent or even stop some of the fungus problems that plants sometimes have. So, will a plant grow bigger when watered with milk? Or water? I report to believe that the answer is that milk will make a plant grow bigger.Especially after all the information you just read, I think milk would definitely help a plant grow bigger and stronger. All of the milks nutrients will help the plant grow and give it more protein. The calcium in the milk can help the plant in many ways, it helps control the soil, and helps build its cell wall. Finally milk can be a fertilizer for the plants soil and can prevent fungi from forming in the plant. These are just some of the ways in which helps a plant grow. In the end I know that some(prenominal) water and milk will help the plants growth but both in their own ways.

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Happy Loman’s Significance In Arthur Miller’s “Death Of A Salesman” Essay

The definition of the American Dream is an important theme that is woven throughout the attitudes and actions of Arthur millers characters in his play The Death of A Salesman. ingenious Loman, a character dominated by his material greed and desire to crush anyone standing between him and the almighty dollar, represents a skewed billet of that Dream, a perspective shared by an increasingly large amount of Americans. Through his insatiable impulse for power, lust, and wealth, sharp Loman embodies the modern capitalist American Dream. And through his never-ending discontent and incessant feeling of unfulfillment, contented also embodies the f allacy and shortcomings of that Dream.One could consider halcyon Loman to be a success. He may not be the president of his company (in fact he is one of two assistants to an assistant buyer), but at roughly thirty years of age, he has a steady job and a place of his knowledge. And hes moving up in the world, hes getting somewhere. And there s nought wrong with this. American society and capitalism in general is based on the Puritan laissez-faire(a) work ethic, which states that hard work breeds success and happiness.But Happy isnt succeeding because he plant life hard, because hes well liked, or because hes exceptionally good at what he does. Hes succeeding through the neo-American shortcut to happiness, the modern American Dream, which encourages cut-throat disceptation at every(prenominal) level. Happy, much like millions of other Americans, is moving up in the world by defeating his competition, by destroying all of those in his way. On page 23 and 24, he says, All I can do at present is wait for the production manager to dieHes a good friend of mine. Happy desires more silver, more power, and more responsibility strongly enough that he is willing to lose a good friend of his, just to get his job.His job. Not a job. Another reason why Happy symbolizes the new American Dream is his obsession with ruining the lives of others in order to better himself. I weart know what gets into me, maybe I just have an overdeveloped sense of competition or something he says on page 25. Happy can get any woman he wants. Yet he deliberately chooses to sleep with the wives andfiances of his co-workers and bosses as a way of defeating them in some nonexistent competition for power. Therefore, despite the fact that they may be ahead of him in the business world, Happy can hap solace in the fact that he went and ruined his bosses spouses. Isnt that a crummy characteristic? he asks Biff. Of course it is, but it doesnt stop Happy from doing it over and over.Happy may represent the quintessential American in the aspects mentioned above, but what truly cements his position as the epitome of the neo-capitalist is his pervading feelings of unhappiness and discontent. When Happy speaks of possibly becoming the new merchandise manager, he says that he would do the same thing that the old merchandise manager did b uild a mansion of a house for himself, then sell in in two months. He says on page 23, Its crazyits what I always wanted. My own apartment, a car, and plenty of women. Yet when Biff asks if he is content, Happy retorts, Hell no. When speaking of women, whom Happy appears to be incredibly fond of, he says, I keep knockin em over, and it doesnt mean anything. And why is Happy discontent? Because he defined the American Dream, his American Dream, in terms of money and power, sooner of happiness and self-actualization. He will never be content, and neither will anyone else who shares his Dream.When goals are determined in denominations of currency, then they can never be reached, because no one can possess all the money that exists in the world. Whats better than a Toyota? A Lexus. Whats better than a Lexus? A Ferrari. Whats better than a Ferrari? A hovercraft? A yacht? 2 yachts? A goddamn elephantine jet? It never ends. And thus, the American Dream can be crushed under the weight of a dollar bill when it is improperly defined. The Dream becomes farce, a crock, a hoax, an old wives tale, an urban legend, an orange that consists of zip fastener but the peel, a person whose soul, whose brains have been sucked out of his nose by little aliens wearing wing-tipped shoes, carrying amplify cases, and driving hovercrafts with the future wives of their bosses in the passenger seat. But it doesnt have to.

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Converse Product Information

Product information 1. the name of all hint return from full nameALL STAR regorge TAYLOR Converse 1917 the worlds first dual-ALL STAR break down plaza in production, and the beginning of the twentieth century is known as basketball game ambassador, said U. S. asketball dealer CHUCK TAYLOR (Chuck Taylor) on this new line of meditate shoes, put it down, convinced thatALL STAR shoes make basketball players on the court dash and enjoy the play, so he wherever he always has a pair of ALL STAR canvas shoes, enthusiastically to her friends, basketball players and coaches recommend ALL STAR canvas shoesand basketball on the requirements of the sports shoes and personal experience, personally involved in the ALL STAR canvas shoes, improved design, making it more suitable for basketball.The ALL STAR theoretically canvas as a material, wear. ALL STAR then only one color white. 1966, ALL STAR introduced color series, such(prenominal) as trounce, rubber, etc. As technology continues to progress, more gradually been used as a shoe-making edged materials. 1970s, affected by the wave of fashion began to move closer to the natural, original feeling. ALL STAR at the time seems exceptionally retro, very easy to wear with wear to go freely to make breeding simplify. 996, ALL STAR launched ALL STAR 2000, the original leather uppers of canvas instead. 2. the publicity of all star ENERGY As the popularity of popular around Asia and sunshine handsome image became CONVERSEs first China tick off spokesperson, and take Taiwan as the center of radiation throughout Asia brand operation Stefanie Who speak all over converse in time for the 2002 World Cup Soda Green Lead singer Qingfeng said, to shake up n roll. London recording a new album, of course, to bring back the spirit of the original dense controversy , and his is CONVERSE always demands creative first, subversion of rational, agree without prior without previous consultation. Endorsement and participate in design. 3. the reason of choosing all star light wear resistance bending waterproof acid understructure resistance low price 4. the type of all star a)material quality canvas oxhide PU leather b)shoe model low help high help art graffiti c)shoe style Lace-up shoe Loafers 5. how to blot the quality goods a)the genuine heavy feeling in his hand )Soles grinding with nail clippers, genuine leave alone be a little scratch marks, rub with fingers, no scratch marks c)genuine shoelaces cotton gist is very high, you can authentic shoes untied shoelace, natural straightened can also stretched, pulled the longest time, we be possessed of a relaxed, the laces will automatically shrink d)heel behind the logo concavity, and is affixed to the upper of this shoe gondola precision workmanship problem e)Soles middle CONVERSE ALL STAR raised LOGO mark, logo next to the security of the Star of David *, the stars beside a registered trademark of R.Bottom for shoe sizes 6. how to take care all star a)After cleaning the shade of natural dry ventilated place, do not put the local baking hot sun prolonged sun exposure or high temperature, to prevent the back glue or degumming, accelerated aging b)Non professional labor shoes dont and acid, alkali, salt chemical exposure, so as to nullify corrosion degumming deformation c)The sweaty feet heavy friends, put on the shoes before the first shoes in spray a little vinegar, can reduce the odor, the other canvas shoes should be cleaned regularly, in order to prevent mildewy smell

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Wellness Industry in India

INTRODUCTION In India, a country where traditional medicinal and wellness practices equivalent Ayurveda and yoga have promoted the idea of mental and physical wellbeing since ancient times, a new concept of health is uphill. No hourlong limited to health, nutrition and relaxation, the new multi-dimensional definition of wellness encompasses the individuals thirst for social acceptance, exclusivity and collective welf be. WELLNESS INDUSTRY The 2009 FICCI-Ernst & early (EY) Wellness Exploring the Untapped Potential report classifies the Indian wellness patience into two segments wellness run and wellness products.Expected to grow dramatically in the succeeding(prenominal) years, both the segments offer great opportunities to wellness providers. At the end of 2008, the everywhereall sedulousness was estimated at round INR 27. 000 crore (EUR 4. 05 billion1), of which INR 11. 000 crore (EUR 1. 65 billion) represented by the services segment and the rest by the products segment . WELLNESS INDUSTRY coat AND SEGMENTATION (EUR billion) 1,65 41% Wellness Products Wellness Services 2,4 59% Source Ernst & Young and FICCI check to the study, the wellness constancy has the potential to sustain a compound annual growth rate of more than 14% public treasury 2012, with the wellness services food market expected to witness an annual growth of approximately 3035% till 2014. 1 The conversion rate utilized in this report is 1 INR = 0. 015 EUR. WELLNESS INDUSTRY PROJECTIONS (EUR billion) 7,00 6,00 6,00 5,00 4,05 4,00 3,00 2,19 2,00 1,00 2009 2010E 2011E 2012E Source Ernst & Young and FICCI 5,26 4,62 3,84 2,90 1,65 Wellness Industry Wellness Services Geographically, South India is much ahead in terms of wellness, with an total of 34. wellness centers per 100. 000 households, compared with 13. 6 for the North, 12 for the West and 10. 1 in the East. AVERAGE NUMBER OF WELLNESS CENTERS IN INDIA 0 South North West East 13,6 12 10,1 Source Ernst & Young and FICCI 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 34,4 40 The report depicts the overall wellness industry as highly unorganized, with the organized firmament limited to less than 50 percent of the industry. The industrys disorganization and fragmentation open further opportunities for worldwide wellness players to capture a large pct of the market.Wellness services From massages to cardio sessions, from steam baths to ago puncture, from slimming programs to beauty treatments, the wellness services segment includes all the facilities, centers and in world-wide domestic and international players which offer Indian customers wellness solutions. Recent trends in the wellness services sector Spas As per the FICCI-EY study, rejuvenation services including spas, alternative therapies, Ayurveda treatments and beauty services is expected to witness a 30 percent growth till 2014.In its 2009 report, SpaFinder Inc. counted over 2. 300 spas operating in India, with over 700 to open by 2012 and generating revenues for approximat ely EUR 264 million annually. NUMBER OF SPAS IN INDIA (PROJECTION) 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 2009 Source SpaFinder Inc. + 700 spas 3000 2300 2012 A plain trend visible in the Indian wellness market is the opening of spas in the mid-price category. No longer exclusivity of 5-stars hotel guests, standalone spas with a more affordable price-value equation are filling a gap that was missing in the market2.Gyms Assessed at around INR 500 crore (EUR 75 million) in 2009, the gym market in India is quickly developing. As per the FICCI-EY study, fitness services comprising gyms and slimming centers will grow by more than 25 percent till 2014. According to the consultancy firm Deloitte and the US-based International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, the number of people using health clubs in India currently stands at 0. 23 million. Of this, experts say 40 percent are women3. HEALTH CLUB USERS PENETRATION RATE 2 3Wellness industry unaffected by recession, liveMint, The Wal l road Journal, Jun 14, 2009. Gym becoming social networking hub, The Economic Times, Aug 14, 2009. 0,0% US Australia New Zealand Singapore Hong Kong India 0,4% 5,0% 10,0% 15,0% 20,0% 17,0% 12,4% 10,8% 6,5% 3,9% Source Deloitte & International Health, Racquet & Sportclub Association The still low penetration rate, feature with the success of the fitness reality show Biggest Loser Jeetega, which featured gym equipment of the Italian manufacturer Technogym SpA,suggests in that location is still plenty of room for new centers to open in India.Hotels and restaurant A further trend, emerging as a consequence of the significant number of lifestyle diseases which affects the country India accounts for 60% of ball-shaped cardiac illnesses and has over 50 million diabetics is the emergence of hotels as health destinations, offering special menus and fitness programs4. umpteen restaurants are also starting to propose their health-conscious customers special menus. Main international an d national players of the wellness services sectorOverall, more than 15 international players in the wellness product and service space have entered India in the recent past and are aggressively expanding in the country. Just to name one, the US-based largest international gym set up in the world, Golds Gym has opened 48 gyms since its arrival in India in 2002. This increase competition from multinationals has compelled national players including Reliance, Dabur, Manipal Group of Companies, Dr. Batras, Kaya Health Clinic to strengthen and speed up their market expansion strategies.To gestate the growth, after Talwalkars one of the leading gym chains in India, with over 100 branches across 50 cities in the country, and over 100. 000 members and Birla Pacific Spa, also the health wish and beauty treatment provider Goodwill Hospitals, the medicine retail chain Apollo Pharmacy, the diagnostics chain Super Religare Laboratories and the eye care firm VasanEyecare are cookery to go public in the next 12 months5. 4 Wellness on the menu, liveMint, The Wall Street Journal, Jul 29, 2011. 5After Birla Pacific Spa and Talwalkars niche beauty and wellness companies planning for IPO, The Economic Times, Aug 25, 2011.While substandard facilities and a need of qualified staff still characterize the domestic wellness scene, this unsatisfying picture opens further opportunities to international players, which will bring to India their sets of standards of procedures and training programs. Wellness products Including various types of modified foods (e. g. , fat free, low calories, energetic, reinforcing), oils, supplements, integrators, and personal care products, wellness products are gaining more and more space in Indians purchase basket.No longer limited to antifertility or supportive nutrition, the wellness product portfolio reflects a mix of indulgence, invigoration and narcissism6. Health and wellness foods market Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG) has estimate d theIndian health and wellness foods market being worth INR 10. 150 crore(EUR1. 52 billion) in 2009, with the potential of rising at a compounded annual growth rate of 32. 5 percent to INR 55. 000crore (EUR 8. 24 billion) by 2015. 6 Impulse and Lifestyle Products Define the FMCG Future in India, Roosevelt Dsouza, Executive Director, The Nielsen Company, March 4, 2011.HEALTH AND WELLNESS FOODS PROJECTION (EUR billion) 9,00 8,00 7,00 6,00 5,00 4,00 3,00 2,00 1,00 2009 2010E 2011E 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E Source TSMG 8,24 + 32. 5% 4,69 3,54 2,67 1,52 2,01 6,21 To capture the growing demand, food brands are in a race to launch new products. Himalaya Internationals natural fruit yoghurt, Parle Productss baked chips, Amuls range of functional products (including energy drinks, probiotic ice-creams, probiotic lassi and curd, high calcium milk and reduced flavour butter), Frito Lays trans-fat and MSG free products, ITC Foods low cholesterol products, gut proficient foods are just few exam ples7.Sugar-free products With diabetes change magnitude at an alarming rate the number of people with diabetes was over 45 million in 2010 and is expected to rise to 69. 9 million by 2015 , obesity, hypertension and otherwise lifestyle-related disorders, sugar-free product variants are gaining more space on the retail shelves. While Indians have begun to show a liking to sugar-free products, sugar substitutes (often referred to as sweeteners) do not receive the same welcome.In fact, sweeteners are not yet considered a low-calorie sugar substitute, but a product for people suffering of lifestyle diseases8. Nutraceuticals market at bottom the wellness products segment, the nutraceuticals market merger of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical indicating functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements which provide health and medical benefits is expected to grow exponentially. The 2009 FICCI-EY Nutraceuticals Critical supplement for building a healthy India estimated the ma rket to be around INR 44 billion (representing one 7 8Insights on Indian market, NutriConnect, 2009. Sweet equilibrium, Progressive Grocer, declination 2010. percent of the global INR 5. 148 billion nutraceutical market), growing by an annual 18 percent since 2006, much immediate than the global 7 percentaverage. INDIAS NUTRACEUTICAL GLOBAL MARKET SHARE AND SEGMENTATION Rest of EU 6% Switzerland 3% Italy 3% UK 2% France 6% Germany 5% Japan 22% 14% Others 9% US 36% Functional foods Rest of Asia 7% Functional beverages India 1% Dietary supplements Source Ernst & Young and FICCI 2% 54% Source Frost & Sullivan, Cygnus Growth drivers are ? ? the increasing affluence of working world with changing lifestyles the reduced affordability of sickness related expenditures (with the Out-ofpocket expenditure constituting 64 percent of healthcare expenditures in India against the global average of 18 percent and the average cost of in-patient treatment doubled in the decade 1995-20059) the i ncreasing awareness and media penetration Andthe increased accessibility to such roducts, cod to the emergence of new distribution channels. ? ? Moreover, due to their high prices compared to conventional foods, the lack of credibility of their benefits among costumers, and the not-yet-implemented regulatory framework, the latent market for nutraceutical products is estimated to be two to quaternary times the existing market size. CONCLUSIONSIn India, a new multi-dimensional definition of wellness is emerging, encompassing the individuals desire for social acceptance, exclusivity and collective welfare. Be it in the services or product sector, the wellness industry in India is showing bright opportunities to wellness providers, especially international players. 9 WHO statistical information system, 2008.