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Digital Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Digital Marketing - experiment Exampleis a private organization of US that has its business in the industry of mens clothing. The phoner is widely known for its Denim brand of jeans throw across the globe. Levi Strauss & Co. received its first US patent of manufacturing denim jeans or blue jeans in the year of 1873. The company was founded by Levi Strauss and is being control take by the private owners or descendants of the company and headquartered in San Francisco in USA. oer the years, the company has expanded its trading operations and sales in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia Pacific and several other parts of the world. The company employs around 10,500 people any over the world. In score to expand its operations both in US as well as in the overseas markets, the company increased its manufacturing units. The number of manufacturing plants increased from 16 plants in 1964 to 63 plants in 1974. Apart from this, 23 overseas plants were set up by the company. Between 1980 s and the 1990s, the engagement of jeans by societies across the world increased rapidly. The company followed the market trend to increase its operations. Riding on the high rate of growth of revenues and profits earned over the years, the company offered to pay unusual dividend of $750 one thousand thousand to their workers over a period of six years. The company earned revenues of $4.4 billion in 2010 with a win operating income of $381 million. Market, products & run, customers, digital presence The Levis brand of mens clothing is a pioneer in the sale of jeans and other fashionable wear for men. Levis capitalized on the emerging trend of fashion and the increasing taste sensation of blue jeans by the greater part of the population. The company acquired Great Western Garment Co. in order to increase its offering of jeans to its customers. Apart from blue jeans, the company also started to offer stone-washed jeans in order to tip the market potentials. The products offered b y the company are mainly jeans. The denim jeans are the core product of the company. Over the year the years, the company has expanded its operation by riding the trend of the mainly young multiplication who has got inclinations towards wearing jeans. Variations in the different categories of jeans were included in the gamut of product offerings. The stone-washed jeans also became popular with the blue jeans sold by the company. The young generation is the target market segment of the company. The company has adapted to the emerging modus vivendi in order to increase base of customers. The spread of the brand name across the world has led to increase in customer base. In the age of globalization, the physical existence of shopping stores has started to become irrelevant. The change in the lifestyle, availability of time, speed of livelihood and the changing tastes of the customers have led to the advent of online shopping (Smith and Chaffey, 2013, p.79). The company have also resor ted to the online marketing tools and increased its digital presence in the business world. Levis brands of mens clothing capitalized on the online marketing tools that increased revenue earnings of the company through e-commerce. The use of favorable media platforms enhanced the prospective of marketing its products and services. The increase in digital presence increased the access of the products and services of the company to a wide range of customers. The customers could sit in a position and exchange instruction or share experiences on the Levis clothes for men (Straus and Frost, 2011, p.49). The customers also had the option of use electronic devices the like mobile, laptops, etc and use internet for shopping of menswear offered by

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