Sunday, May 5, 2019

Child observation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Child observation - Essay compositors caseThe boy is in a white short-sleeved shirt that has black stains on the breast pocket and beige shorts. The stains are fresh, and they are oily and greasy. The mall is spacious, stocked with different accessories including electronics, toys for children, foodstuffs, oils and perfumes. As the mother passes along the division stocked with toys, the boy scratches and attempts to bite the mothers hand and she immediately releases him, cursing silently still loud enough for the nearest shop attendant to hear. The boy mischievously glances at his mother, and he dashes crossways the alley, towards a big yellow toy car. However, as he attempts to retrieve it from a higher shelf, he stumbles and falls, hitting the floor head first, and the nearby toys and accessories fall on his body. His mother quickly goes to his rescue detrition his head to alleviate the pain from the fall and warns him to stop or else she will not buy him a present. As the mot her and son moves along an electronic department, the boy notices a small girl nearly his age accompanied by a male adult. The girl is riding a small oscillation and the boy leaves his mother and joins the girl, apparently wanting to snatch the bicycle from her. Observation sheet of the interactions and behaviors observed in the boy Interactions observed comments The most notable interactions are with his mother, and the environment, both within and outside the shopping mall.

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