Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Justification Report Part 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Justification Report Part 1 - Essay lessonStyrene and Benzene are linked to diseases such as leukemia and Parkinsons disease. This is beca utilization the two elements cause mutations to the fringy and central nervous systems. Since it cant be recycled, it is often left to spoil the aesthetic rate of the environment. It is non-biodegradable thus has lasting effects on the environment. It has therefore become the major form of litter in my working area. It also impacts negatively on the life of both domestic and wild animals that are ground in the area. Styrofoam has been linked with choking and issues of starvation among animals in several studies (GEC Student Union, 2013).The Alternative A volition be working with the vendors that use the Styrofoam to ensure that its impacts are reduced. This is through the vendors advocating for the utilise of the Styrofoam containers among the customers. Reuse of the containers testament result that the Styrofoam disposed on the environmen t thus reducing its impacts. The vendors can also put in jell appropriate waste collection bins for the customers. The use of bins can be segregated in terms of the reclaimable and the non- recyclable to ensure ease in waste management. This will make it easy for the relevant part to identify the Styrofoam products for recycling purposes. The vendors also can be capacity built to ensure that they reduce the use of the Styrofoam products. This will ensure the use of environmental friendly products as Styrofoam products replacement (Gardner and Stern, 2002).The Alternative B will entail the involvement of the municipal government in containing the negative impacts of Styrofoam. The municipal government can pause policies that promote the reduction of use of the Styrofoam products. The policies can also be put into place to ensure that the reuse of the products is promoted. The council government can develop policies that see to it that there are recycling bins. The bins

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