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Low Birth Weight Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

measly Birth Weight - Essay ExampleThis publisher focuses upon Low Birth Weight as a very serious issue with respect to newborns receivable to a number of complications that much(prenominal) babies face. These whitethorn include the tendency of such babies to be susceptible to infections as their immune system may not be very well developed. Serious wellness problems such as breathing difficulties, jaundice and heart problems are just a few of the factors that babies born having depression birth tip may acquire to face. In some cases these babies may also suffer from internecine bleeding (bleeding in the brain), very thick blood (polycythaemia) or excessive red blood cells in the blood, humbled body temperature, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), intestinal problems, vision problems, etc. The mortality angle of babies having low birth weights is also very high. Studies abide shown that later on in life babies that invite been born with low birth weight are very likely to suf fer from type 2 diabetes and obesity. It is owing to all these important factors that the causes leading to low birth weight should be figured by and analyzed. Health experts claim emphasized upon the well-being of the expectant mothers health and welfare and have related it directly to the wellness of her expected child. In some situations it has been observed that though the baby may have been born at full time but still the weight of the baby is pass up than the average weight of babies born at full term. With respect to the threats to the expected babys health one of the basic factors that is bought into consideration is the tendency of the expectant mother to smoke. ... Two of these factors that have been chosen for merely research and study currently are Does ethnic background of mother affect her baby? Does grass by the expectant mother effect the baby? Previous studies in the same regard have shown interesting results. Many a researchers have looked up the statistics re garding this topic. Sala, Matheus and Lopes (2006) state in their titled Influence of Ethnicity on the Human Term Placenta that the native mothers had more tendency to accommodate any capillary changes in the placentas of mothers-to-be for the increase baby as compared to mothers belonging to other ethnic backgrounds. Low Birth Weight Issue Low Birth Weight is often considered as a very serious issue with respect to newborns cod to a number of complications that such babies face. These may include the tendency of such babies to be susceptible to infections as their immune system may not be very well developed. Serious health problems such as breathing difficulties, jaundice and heart problems are just a few of the factors that babies born having low birth weight may have to face. In some cases these babies may also suffer from inner bleeding (bleeding in the brain), very thick blood (polycythaemia) or excessive red blood cells in the blood, low body temperature, low blood sugar (h ypoglycemia), intestinal problems, vision problems, etc. (Buzzle, 2012). The mortality weight of babies having low birth weights is also very high. Studies have shown that later on in life babies that have been born with low birth weight are very likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes and obesity. It is owing to all these important factors that the causes leading to low birth weight should be figured divulge and analyzed. CURRENT DOMAIN OF

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Immigration and the Immigrant Policy Initiative in Britain and the EU Essay

Immigration and the Immigrant Policy Initiative in Britain and the EU - rise ExampleThe law, introduced in February 2005, obliged people born outside the European Union and who only had a six-months to one year visa to seek special permission from the home Ministry to marry even if their render was a British or an EU national.The plight of the many people caught up in this complicated legal tangle had complained of pain, misery, suffering, and humiliation. The move by the High Court came as a relief to many. Rights campaigners had distant it saying that it did not make a distinction between genuine and sham marriages and sought to auction pitch all non-EU nationals who applied for marriage as potential fraudsters.The law was challenged when one immigrant was refused permission to marry a woman from within the European Economic Area (EEA) who had been living legally in Britain. The court command that it was incompatible with human rights law as it did not apply to those who wa nted to marry within the church service of England. This amounted to discriminating against people of other faiths, including Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism. It was not persuaded by the argument put forward by the Home Office that the exemption for the Church of England was valid because there was no evidence of any sham marriage rackets involving Anglican ceremonies.This act was a knee-jerk reaction based on speculation rather than evidence. The House of Lords complained that the behave had not received proper scrutiny. By this judgment of the High Court, their concerns have proved to be correct. Doctors, other than those from the European Union and favoured countries need to have a work permit under new in-migration rules. This is for non-European countries starting July 2006. Those already here and do not have a work permit allow have to return to their home country and apply for the same. However, work permit depart be tending(p) against specific vacancies for which suitable home-grown doctors are not available. The move has sparked criticism not only from overseas doctors only if also from British medical experts. It is termed as a blow to Meritocracy as hospitals would have to give alternative to sons-of-the soil over better qualified foreign applicants.The decision to scrap the traditional permit-free training correspondence for international doctors is intended to give more opportunities to local doctors and those from the European Union countries. Under the new rules, hospitals impart have to show that they are not able to find suitable local candidates. Overseas doctors from non-EU countries will

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Rhetorical epitome - Essay ExampleRhetoric Analysis of Martin Luther Kings Speech I have a ambition The dramatistic five was developed by Kenneth Burke and forms the foundation of dramatism and rhetoric analysis. The pentad requires one to use a metaliguistic approach in analyzing stories in order to carefully investigate the uses and roles of rhetoric elements (Burgchardt, 2010). The five rhetoric elements of act, scene, agent, agency and purpose are joint to all narratives and are what forms the dramatistic pentad. Using the pentad, one can evaluate the emphasis that is given by the fable teller on each of the five elements and get to understand the motive and the behavior of the characters in the story. wizard can also get the characters fieldview by analyzing the issues they stress with regard to the five elements of rhetoric. In applying the pentad to analyze Kings vernacular, one can be able to determine that his world view is that of independence and equality of all p eople regardless of their racial backgrounds (Burgchardt, 2010). The speech was issued as the displace of a accomplished rights movement march to Washington for immunity and jobs. Dr. King had been an ardent supporter of the civil rights movement in America and he used this speech to give the African Americans and other minority racial groups in America hope that they would no longer be discriminated against in the future. The speech was issued on August 28th, 1963 at the Lincoln memorial. The speech can be analyzed using the five elements of the pentad as shown below (Burgchardt, 2010). Act Several civil right movements had organized for a march of freedom in support of the bill that was due for discussion in congress seeking to treat African Americans and other minority races as equal members of the American society. The serenityful demonstration was attended by some 300000 people with African Americans estimated to be about 75-80% of those in attendance (Burgchardt, 2010). There were fascinating speeches from various leaders of the civil rights movement to address the mass precisely it was Martin Luthers speech, I have a Dream that had a big impact. The other speeches addressed several issues of the civil rights movement at the time but Dr. Kings speech came out as more appealing to the people as it dealt with issues of freedom and equality. The other people who gave their speeches include Wilkins, John Lewis, and Walter Reuther, all of whom were renowned civil rights activists (Burgchardt, 2010). Dr. Kings speech did not only address the equality and freedom issues, but was also looked at as a symbol of optimism that things would get better in future for everybody with regard to equality. Scene The solar day was colored by powerful speeches from the leaders present, several people who had turned out to support the civil rights movement, among them popular celebrities and singers. This day marked a turning point in the American civil rights movement by livery together all the Americans to support equality as opposed to divided responses that the calls for equality had received before. The protestors were cheered by several people who were watching from their windows and on television. The police department in Washington had anticipated for cerise scenes to occur during the protest and they had prepared for a full police escort (Burgchardt, 2010). Instead, the people maintained peace throughout the marching process. Some media reports had indicated that the turnout would be very small but to the

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Affluenza Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Affluenza - Essay ExampleTherefore, this is an spare indication that the problem of affluenza has a rich history in human life. Greed is a study constituent of Affluenza, since individuals persistently possess a materialistic learning ability. However, the exaggerated possessions initiate negative peglegs in society. it amounts to health hazards, economic stagnation, environmental pollution, amongst others. Evidently, this is an ancient social problem that requires remedies. Johnson is an anthropologist who conducted a study in a hunting and gathering society called Machiguenga. According to his findings, the society enjoys more merit than the modernized society. The people of this society arrange subsistence, and they are content with the resources that are at their disposal. They are never in a hurry, and they are often cohesive in their inter-personal relationships. Different philosophers such as Aristotle, Jesus Christ, Jerome Segal, amongst others assert that more posse ssions bring more struggles than having enough. Affluenza definitely brings much decadence to the society. Affluenza is a persistent social problem that has four major solutions.... uppity consumption is a key mannerism that manifests amongst the affluent individuals. Academic adjustments in schools would offer profound recommendations against affluenza. Consequently, children bequeath achieve awareness about the ramifications of affluenza. The knowledge system would also inculcate a change in parents lifestyle. Parents would not have to invest immensely on snacks and soft drinks. Therefore, the parents culture of overconsumption would run through a diminishing trend. Evidently, the curriculum adjustments towards environmental science in schools would be an outstanding remedy for affluenza. The administration has a major role in curbing affluenza. It would do this through its strict regulations to protect the inherent environment. Social vices such as pollution, resource expl oitation, and recycle issues would be effectively tackled. Affluenza entails a materialistic mindset in an existent population. People are pre-occupied by the persistent ambition to attain more possessions. grinder owners therefore focus on maximizing production and profits. They do not have a major consideration towards the environment. In an affluent society, factories pollute the environment due to their materialistic mindset. Manufacturing industries also exploit natural resources. They do not implement recycling techniques. Such business entities have no regard towards the ramification of depletion. In this scenario, massive consumption and material possession are the applied principles. The government ought to implement decided policies that oversee the preservation of all resources. Violation of the policies ought to attract legal consequences on the offenders. Legal limitations of advertisement ought to be

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Inequality and Politics in the United States Essay

Inequality and politics in the United States - Essay ExampleThe following discussion aims at addressing sparing and political divergence and discusses the role of social movements in improving the lives of the poor in society.Some of the important economic challenges face the United States and other developed economies be the increase in economic inequality. Over the last twain decades, no other industrialized country in the world has a bigger gap amidst wage growth and productivity growth than the U.S. The U.S economic inequality is at historically high levels because there is a bully disparity in the way wages and income are distributed. Americans today live in an unequal society characterized by higher gaps in wages, income and wealthiness. Most poor and middle class households are left out in matters of economic growth and they watch as the GDP, stock markets, productivity and unified profits rise e very(prenominal)day while their incomes stagnate or grow at a very slo w rate (Kenworthy and Smeeding 31).The stock market has risen to 60 percent the GDP is up by 8 percent nationally while the median house hold income has fallen by 5 percent. From the year 1979 to 2007, the richest 1 percent of the population experienced tripling of incomes while those of the middle households rose scarce to about 25 percent. Currently, the richest 1 percent claims ownership to over 60 percent of the total wealth while 5 percent of the richest people claim over 60 percent of the total wealth in the United States. The gender and racial gap in wages, incomes and wealth has also widened throughout the period. speckle racial segregation has reduced in the last ten years, economic segregation has been on the rise.The great recession through 2010/2011 had its negative effects on the U.S. economy. Indeed it has permanently and negatively changed the level of intumesce being as well as the distribution of resources in the whole country. With the nations economic growth ab ruptly halted during the 2008 recession, many workers turned

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We Wear the Mask By Paul Laurence Dunbar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

We Wear the Mask By Paul Laurence Dunbar - Essay ExampleThis paper get out present an analysis of the poem highlighting its meaning and some of the devices used by Dunbar to enhance the newspaper he developed throughout the poem.From the title of the poem, We Wear the Mask, Dunbar introduces the theme that he wishes to discuss in his poem. In the first stanza, he highlights that the pretend they wear serves to help them smile, and deceive the world that they are happy. The same mask serves to keep away their cheeks and eyes from the worlds closer analysis. However, beneath the mask, they are pitiful intense pain and mourning because of the human guile mentioned in line 3 of the first stanza. Evidently, Dunbar speaks in reference of African Americans suffering from the exploitation of slavery and other evils perpetrated by slave masters hurting the slaves. Despite their suffering, they mask their original feelings and pretend that they are content with the situation just as it i s (Dunbar).The second stanza begins with an ironing tone because Dunbar asks wherefore the world should make efforts of being over-wise. This is a pure irony because Dunbar makes it look like considering the grievances of African Americans is release overboard in the realm of wisdom. In his opinion, the world should only remain wise enough to be able to see their smiling faces because they wear the mask. This means that the world will never recognize the ample suffering experienced by the African Americans and will always consider them satisfied with their position as slaves. This also brings in the aspect of racism and the negative effects suffered by the minority groups specifically the African Americans. Although they are discriminated against, they are not allowed to voice out their suffering or even their ideas. In the experience stanza, Dunbar highlights that African Americans seek intervention from Jesus Christ, who is the only one who can perceive their true suffering. O n the other hand, the world never recognizes their cries

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Major Flaws of Justice System of America Depicted in The Last Line of Essay

Major Flaws of Justice System of the States Depicted in The Last line of products of Defense - Essay ExampleIn his article, The Last Line of Defense in The Atlantic, journalist, Raymond Bonner advocates the abolishment of dying penalty in the criminal justice system of the States however, an overemphasis on the shortcomings of the system, one-sided debate, and biased tone deprive the reader of gaining comprehensive knowledge on the issue.He delineates how numerous underlying arbitrary elements influence criminal proceedings. Therefore, capital punishment bay window prove prejudicial to the charge. He appeals to the readers logic. He quotes two real-life criminal cases in detail to demonstrate how the acc intentiond were charged guilty despite evidence pointing to the contrary. For this reason, the author advocates the abolishment of the capital regime as it can lead to the execution of innocent persons. Furthermore, this renders the death penalty unconstitutional and unethical. As evident, the use of logos finished referring to real life cases assists the reader in deriving rational conclusions on the issue of the death penalty. Similarly, he establishes ethos and credibility by providing a comprehensive and detailed account of the cases. Persuasive arguments are based on all three techniques as evidenced in this article.Bonner begins the article by expressing concurrence with Diana Holt, an opponent of the death penalty. From the very start, he expresses his disapproval of the capital regime by describing Diana Holt as a crusader. He goes on to portray her struggle against the death penalty as heroic, long odds battle. He deliberately depicts Diana Holt as a national hero in order to convince the readers of the rightfulness of his belief. This use of ethos is essential in building credibility and trustworthiness. Thus, the use of ethos in the title sentence unconsciously leads the readers to cerebrate that the death penalty is undoubtedly unjust.

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Interpersonal skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Interpersonal skills - Essay ExampleYou will need to make prolongation to the different exercises which you carried out in the seminars and to any reading you may have done, together with any concepts or frameworks which were covered in the lectures or seminars. These must be occurly referenced using the Harvard system. This will be the key part of your submission and should convince us that you have now at least progressed in the skill areas covered by the mental faculty, that you can appraise your level of skill and have an understanding of good practice and potent performance in relation to the different skills. The main skills are the mogul to computer program and use your meter effectively and to manage yourself, to contribute effectively to groups, to communicate orally in a range of situations and to name formal and persuasive presentations, and to write clearly and concisely using an appropriate structure. (Additional skills covered in the module - the ability to be s elf-aware and self-analytical, to record your learning and give an account of your skills, and to plan for your future growth - will all be developed as a result of writing this assignment.)A plan for the future - for the ... A plan for the future - for the period after this semester - which includes what skills you want to develop further, how you will go about doing so, how you will begin to present yourself to employers, and your initial thoughts on your future career and job roles. This should be based on a consideration of what you have and have not achieved over the semester, and should contain clear targets, and points for action. Try to include an updated CV with your action plan. REFLECTIVE PORTFOLIO INTERPERSONAL SKILLSINTRODUCTIONBackground.The beginning of this session began with the thought that we operate as a group at all times to achieve one commonality goal. Goal may differ as per perceptions of an individual the common factor always remains productivity of the organisation, its effectiveness to sustain in this competitive world and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, human aspects of the organisation. And whatever position we ability hold in future, we are always humans first with our own limitations, problems, attitudes, priorities and lifestyles. To get all the great unwashed together with so many differences in perceptions requires one common platform, and learning interpersonal skills can run the foundation for this platform. People change jobs not just for money in this world but besides for working environment, rather mainly for the latter. Adequate knowledge and understanding of interpersonal skills would allow us to consider the often stated objectives of the module which were - the ability to work as an effective member of a group, the ability to listen actively and communicate orally and the ability to manage yourself and your time.SWOT.Knowledge and expertise in Inter-personal skills is a crucially important capability in a world where peop le

Computer Crime and Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Computer Crime and Security - Essay ExampleLater investigations revealed that it was an insider concomitant, involved the thieving of subsequent selling of patients credit card numbers, and that the activities emanates from the Call Centre. Having provided you with a general overview of the situation, I will now explain its potential and actual consequences, summarize the results of the post-mortem and clarify some(prenominal) lessons learnt and future action.In regulating channel related to the expenditure of computers, the United States government currently defines a computer as an electronic, optical, electrochemical, or other(a) high-speed data processing device performing logical, arithmetic, or terminus functions, and includes any data storage facility or communications facility directly related to or operating in mating with such a device (United States Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (e)(l), 1984, cited in Kipper, 2007, p. 194). This definition accounts for the sort i n which IT has fused data storage, computing and telecommunications technologies and in so doing, touches upon the potential of both the computing and telecommunications technologies to go against the integrity and confidentiality of the stored data. The United States Department Of Commerce (2000) highlighted this threat in its report on the proliferation of computer use and internet access, not just in the United States but, across the world. As the greater majority of corporations, both in the United States and worldwide, are relying on IT for data storage and processing, increased popular access to IT renders merged systems vulnerable to unauthorized penetration and the associate accessing of private and confidential data (U.S. Department of Commerce, 2000). While it is the debt instrument of corporate entities to ensure the securitization of their networks, absolute inviolability is practically impossible to achieve. It is, thus, that recent years have witnessed the ever-incr easing adoption of computers in the commission of crimes of fraud and theft (Power, 2000). Our company has recently fallen victim to one such incident.3Incident OverviewOn January 16th, 2008, a periodic review of our IT activities logs evidenced a string of unusual activities. nearly 10,000 patient files had been accessed and the data they contained had been transferred to an external medium, possibly an external hard drive. The IT department had no record of authorizing any individual this level of access and, indeed, there was no legitimate justification for the access of 10,000 patient files. The incident was terribly worrisome as these files contain sensitive data such as patients social security, damages and credit card numbers, not to mention home and place of employment addresses and contact information. The IT department straightway contacted the Legal Department and appraised its Director of the situation who, in turn, contacted law enforcement and did the same. 4Post Mo rtemAfter report the incident to the Legal Department and law enforcement officials, the IT department launched an intensive post mortem investigation. The investigation, which followed standard procedures which will be described shortly, had several objectives. These were the identification of the source, as in whether it was an insider or outsider incident

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Media ethicss Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Media ethicss - Essay ExampleFor Aristotle, proper understanding of and grateful attitude towards wealth, honor, virtue, enjoyment, and friendship is what is needed for benignant to live well. Through appropriate behavior and good upbringing, one must learn the ability to understand, choose, and resolve which conduct is best for an occasion. This, of course, should be supported by logical reasoning --- a power that all in all human beings atomic number 18 capable of. Aristotle also believes that practical wisdom cannot be acquired by following prevalent guidelines. Through practice, every individual should learn the social, emotional, and reflective skills that allow him/her to act in ways that are appropriate for each unique event (Bertrand, 22).Per Kant, it is the cause for doing a certain action, rather than the outcome of the deed, that gives it a moral value. Kants renowned statement regarding duty is Act according to the belief that you choose and can do so as to make it your entire tenet. (Bertrand, 45)On the other hand, countering Kants principle on ethics is utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the conception that a behaviors role in producing advantage for all is the moral value of the deed. Advantage for all involves the summed pleasure or satisfaction for everybody. It means that the outcome establishes the value of any behavior --- the ends justify the means (Bertrand, 25).PluralPluralismPluralism is about different values. This ethics model asserts that there are several differing values existing in a diversely peopled world. These values are called duties, and they are unspoken guidelines so every individuals behavior pass on not threaten other peoples happiness and life (Patterson and Wilkins, 12). This ethics model acknowledges the unique roles people bump in their every day lives, and the similarly differing values people believe in based on these diverse roles in the society (Bertrand, 29).CommutarianismCommutarianism, on the other ha nd, places social equality as its guiding principle (Patterson and Wilkins, 14). As every individual is a part of a larger society, it asserts that every one should be sensitive to the consequences of their every action. These actions, must be beneficial not only for themselves, but for the entire society. Communitarianism stresses the descent of the individual to the society and the correlation of the different social systems --- economic, legal, etc. This ethics model is applicable in evaluating the role of the media in the society, since per Patterson and Wilkins, it enhances the accomplishments of the media as a whole and eliminates possible rivalry among them (15).Surname 3honorable Issues in Reporting the TruthChapter 2Taste in Photojournalism and Too many Bodies, Too often BloodIn this case studies, the media had a hard time reporting the truth due to differences in moral sensibilities. A photo journalist may have a hard time distinguishing what is sort out and moral and w hat is considerate and moral. Pluralism is very obvious in this case study as different individuals who laugher different roles may value things at different levels. What may be deemed as a accountable publishing of a photo to warn society may be considered harsh or insensitive towards the feelings of the photos

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BarChris Construction Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

BarChris Construction - Case get a line ExampleThe misappropriated entries included current assets having a 15% overstatement of $609,689 42% understatement in contingent upon(p) liabilities amounting to $618,853 gross profit overstatement of $230,755 $519,810 worth of sales overstatement undisclosed loans to officers totaling to $386,615 and an overstatement in gather of orders among other figures.Auditing involves the application of accounting principles as they relate to costs and revenues. Following the sale and leaseback flakes, the judges argument that the gain on the debentures was improper is misleading since this approach is accepted in GAAP. Although the customers who acquired the leaseback properties incurred overwhelming arrears on their discounted notes, it is not considered a reasonable standard for auditors to concern themselves with the effects of business strategies of the companies they audit. Hence, as earlier stated, the auditors indebtedness is to access, po int, question, and report on accounting activities and not on investment or business strategies associated with the gains (United States District Court, 1968).The case of Berardi places himself at the center of blame for the problems associated with BarCharts accounting misappropriations. The merits of blaming Berardi for the problems facing BarChris include his inability to dedicate much time to review the results of the S-1 review, the hiring of an inexperienced accountant, and concealing of information such as loans to officers. In order to remediate these causes of the primary problems, Berardi could have hired a qualified accountant, should have dedicated more time to review accounts, and conducted regular internal audits (United States District Court, 1968).United States District Court. (1968). Escott v. Barchris Construction Corporation 283 F. Supp. 643 (S.D.N.Y. 1968). Accessed online on February

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INNOVATION (Strategic alliances) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

entry (Strategic alliances) - Essay ExampleIn business, purpose can be defined as the exploitation of wise ideas that find acceptance in the market. These ideas, most often, are incorporated into new processes, engine room, best practices and designs (Sarkar 2007, p.2). Some of these ideas whitethorn end up causing a complete overhaul to an organizations operation and digress of products.Most of the innovated products are based on the ideas of others or a modification of existing products. In summary, invention process encompasses getting a new idea or modifying an old one, reorganization of existing opportunities or those that can be promoted, choice of best alternatives and application of the process and the idea (Sarkar 2007, p.2). Innovation may be as a result of the need to meet the needs of consumers or improve the way of doing things. Companies that cheat on to embrace innovation have often found themselves left behind by their competitors, leading to the spill of thei r market niche.The focus on the theories of innovation varies because there are different views on the process of innovation and the factors that lead to the development of innovation. The theories may focus on (a) technological development, R&D and technical search functions in a company, (b) the individual who creates and develops the new elements, and (c) issues of innovation in the market place (Sundo 1998, p.4).It involves the exchange of technology between two or more companies. Strategic alliances are characterized by risk sharing and coarse commitment in respect to the attainment of specified economic and technological goals and objectives. These alliances tend to arise from the willingness and liking of one firm to assist the other in overall development of the firm business and/or exploitation of certain technological assets portfolio.An example is when the firms in the alliance want to (a) form a articulatio venture in research and distribution, or (b) take part a jo int development agreement, or (c) enter

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The Role of Nursing Leadership in Hospital Quality Improvement Term Paper

The Role of Nursing Leadership in Hospital Quality Improvement - Term Paper ExampleQI is a persistent sour that involves mutual efforts and labor at all the levels of an organization to deliver better services to health help clients. It is attained as a result of positive interactions among various departments of a hospital to devise a progressive system that constantly improves the processes and outcomes of health mete out. The concept of QI comprise of quality assurance and puzzle resolution (Moran and Johnson, 1992). The multitude of hospital quality improvement activities involves participation in external programs sponsored by accreditation and regulative bodies, QI organizations etc. Also, several hospitals participate in internal QI activities which are derived from employee and patient feedback (Draper et al., 2008). jibe to Hassmiller and Needleman (2009), the integration of nursing managers into decision making bodies of hospital provides improved quality of care and hospital efficiency. The generalization and progression of Magnet accreditation programs escalates the participation of nursing lead in hospitals. The basis of magnet appraisal provided by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is based on strong nursing representation in organizations leadership structure, deployment of nursing manager that have a role in hospitals executive director leadership, a shared governance operational system in nursing and authoritative powers of nursing leadership at all functioning level of hospital. Initially the concept of magnet status was based on attracting retention and job satisfaction among nurses however, later it was revealed that it is associated with improved hospital quality and patient care. Another accreditation... This essay approves that quality is a mutual responsibility and along with nursing mangers every nurse and employee should participate in it. Some of the QI efforts recommended for nursing administration include establi shment of standards and making staff liable for someone roles, inspiring nurses to champion efforts, maintenance and presentation of valuable feed back to the nursing staff for future(a) motivation and encouragement, engaging nursing staff at all levels of QI activities from bedside to management and modification in traditional nursing education that does not prepare nursing staff for their advanced role in contemporary health care settings. In this regard, emphasis on QI skill development and impelling implementation of these activities in a hospital setting are required. Nursing administration may buzz off it difficult to manage high level of administrative burden linked with these activities. Similarly, the conversion of scientific entropy into useful form of experiential learning is a tiresome process which involves patient hospital plosive and feedback etc however, the involvement of nursing staff in such experiential learning is foundation for QI strategies and measures. This hatch makes a conclusion that nursing leadership play a focal role in QI of health care settings. The hospitals have to adapt and pursue schemes/projects that significantly contribute to achievement of quality, patient care and performance goals. In this regard, optimization of nursing administration roles is vital for smooth operation of QI activities. Challenges and barriers should be identified and effectively removed for sustainable QI of a hospital.

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GE and Employee Training Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

GE and Employee Training - Essay ExampleAs the discussion stresses a comp either asshole lay out significant amounts of money on readying and teaching individuals in order to make them capable enough to be mangers. Yet the same individuals can leave the company soon after their readiness is complete to take up positions elsewhere. Effectively, what the company has through with(p) is to provide trained professionals to the competition which may not be in the best interest of the company. Additionally, any time which the human resources spend in training is time which is taken away from their different forms. These other functions have a direct impact on the bottom line but training is something which give only present results after a certain amount of delay.This paper highlights that to show the importance of internalising the training function and some of the ways to include it as a part of care, the example of GE is use since GE is one of the most admired companies in the wo rld in terms of its management systems. These management systems include the concept of employee training and the development of human resources as a central part of the equivalence because GE uses training for a lot more than simply improving the HR.The selection of GE as a focused company for this paper is important because GE has been used as an example of how a company should operate by many different analysts. By making training the primary function of HR, both Wilson and Welch show how the agreement between theory and practice helps a company become stronger than the competition.

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Police High Speed Pursuits and Responses Research Paper

Police High Speed Pursuits and Responses - Research typography Example3). Latest court rulings, including a United States Supreme Court ruling given five dollar bill years back, put off it to the enforcing officer to take the decision in high speed sidelines. As a plaintiffs responsibility of providing evidence may be higher, such cases still enthrall the risk. It proves the need of a well established policy over practice of law pursuit. A well pen high-speed pursuit policy stipulates guidelines explaining what elements are critical and what are ignorable. Rules are given in scripted form in pursuit policies to help chasing officers to organize or quit the chase by adhering to the rules (AMIC 2-3). repeated fatalities in itinerary accidents from police vehicles form the biggest single entity of deaths resulting from police action, thus, a major number of cases are referred to the IPCC in the UK. Although there has been much discussion among the surrounding communities and th e police over chase incidents but take of awareness is still low to aro subroutine debate on the issue. An analysis of the cases referred to IPCC has helped in rectifying the mistakes at policy and practice level (IPCC 1). Civilian fatalities following police related road traffic incidents - England & Wales Financial category Pursuit related ?Emergency response Other incidents ? Total fatalities ? ?2004/05 ?23 ?6 ?15 ?44 ?2005/06 ?32 ?4 ?12 ?48 ?2006/07 ?19 ?3 ?14 ?36 ?2007/08 ?17 ?2 ?5 ?24 ?2008/09 ?22 ?6 ?12 ?40 ?2009/10 ?19 3 7 29 ?2010/11 ?13 ?4 ?9 ?26 Source Statistics for England and Wales annual reports At higher administrative level, need to revise the driver training parameters have been felt to bring down the number of road hits and injuries from accidents. Comparing the number of accidents by the public and the policemen in Britain, nothing can be said for sure, as the data in the above table indicates but subsequent improvement in controlling pursuit related accidents has been accomplished but the number of injuries to the policemen while on the roads can be critically decisive to their performance. Adequate training to the police drivers can further control the rise in accidents, as after-effects on the health of police officers themselves could be harsh in physical terms (Fletcher 1). The aim of this look into is to prove whether it is advisable to take the risks of high-speed police pursuits relatively to the rewards from them. Such pursuits are dangerous and manners threatening for all concerned, and even not-aware citizens becoming sudden victims. Policies are required to be changed to control possible pursuits and the parameters employed to decide or terminate such pursuits (Player 2). High Speed Pursuit Policy The high-speed pursuit policy should help policemen in decision-making while considering various elements, such as (a) the category of the offense (b) the strategy of the offenders running (c) the limit of recognizing the offender (d) prior hints of the offenders lead direction (e) the current expertise of other officers to nab the offender (f) idea of past activities of the offender (g) the possibility that the offender is carrying weapons or may use force to escape (h) the possibility of material loss to individuals or property caused from the pursuit (i) the fitness of the police vehicle consideration of the

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How to be an effective communicator Essay Example for Free

How to be an effective communicator Essay reasoned communicators are not born they are created, and you cannot create one out of yourself overnight. You have to have aeonian practice and some rules to follow. Other than learning how to speak clearly and avoiding monotonous voice which will unimpeachably play a big part to becoming the best in your chosen career, avoiding plagiarisation is also an important thing to consider.What is plagiarism?Is using ideas and/or words from a different person, claiming as ones feature without proper credit to the real source (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The inability to give credit and acknowledge ideas or phrases apply in any paper, publication, or project submitted but gained from another person (http//english.la.psu.edu).What are the different types of plagiarism?1. Word-for-word Plagiarizing happen when you try to change opening part of the sentence, so that the readers wont happen that the remaining of the entire paragraph is tho a copy from the source (http//academics.hamilton.edu).2. Plagiarizing by paraphrase the selfsame(prenominal) concept from the source are being followed in a close manner simply by just substituting and changing some words with your own words and sentenced for those of the original text (http//academics.hamilton.edu).3. The reference The writer should have proper book of facts about the source, it should be clear and exact.4. Mosaic Plagiarism this is more(prenominal) complicated type of plagiarism, because phrases and words are actually from the source or original text and you just add some of your words (http//academics.hamilton.edu).5. Summary using quotation marks during an oral presentation and small-arm writing a paper can help avoid plagiarism, but when overdone it will hold off like a patchwork and will resemble the original (Types of Plagiarism, http//la.psu.edu). If it happened that almost the entire thing that you essential to say came from one source, directly quote or paraphrase it so it will look better. however either way, introduce your borrowed words or ideas by pointing out that those ideas are from the author and followed them with citation inside(a) the parenthesis (Types of Plagiarism, http//la.psu.edu).How do we avoid them in oral presentation? Consider indicating direct quotation, by saw quote and follow it with unquote or close quote. Another approach is by saying In her 1998 owners guide, Airedale Terriers, trainer Dorothy Miner says the following about the origins of the Airedale Terrier. If you are citing a saying from nameless sources, you can say It is always said that In oral presentation usually the citation is mown down to just the author, Title of the publication date and title.With all these information regarding plagiarism and proper citation I am sure it will be a big help for you to start so to speak. But with constant practice and proper usage of voice, using proper intonation, correct stress on words, pronun ciation and enunciation you can become one of the most effective communicator.