Monday, May 13, 2019

Significant Impacts of E-commerce in Modern Global Business Essay

prodigious Impacts of E-commerce in Modern Global Business - Essay ExampleE-commerce or electronic commerce is single of the most before long talked about technological development in the business environment. Majority of companies are currently shifting their attention towards e-commerce activities basically due to the various benefits associated with it. In addition, most governments, economic researchers as headspring as business analysts are currently shifting their focus through application of huge amounts of resources to meet that e-commerce activities are enhanced through research and innovation. However, research indicates that the application of e-commerce is currently mostly seen in online trade companies such as e-Bay, Amazon and Google among others (Cohan, 2010). These companies provide a range of services to their clients through international networks and receive been associated with tremendous benefits. Research has also indicated that e-commerce is growing on a daily basis since 1994 where the amount of cash that was invested in e-commerce was at 240 million dollars. Currently, the figures stand at 7.2 billion dollars.With the integration of electronic technology into majority of Companys operational procedures, e-commerce has been associated with effective and efficient technology, thus facilitating efficient business processes i.e. reduction of valet de chambre errors usually associated with it. In addition, economic experts have asserted that the essence of implementing e-commerce has been majorly driven by the fact that it entails cut down costs of operation.

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