Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Finance - Essay ExampleThis is beca give when an employee cannot be understood, making good use of that employee forget be hard (Arthur, pg 15). From my own perspective, discourse skills play a very important usage in moving the organization forward. It is through this quality that issues such as impinge, stress in the organization, and likewise good relationship between senior and junior employee can be managed. From the point of a tonic employee, it may be different. This is because individuals come from different background and what say to be a good communication skill may be different from their perspective. Problem solving skills, well-nigh employers currently are sounding for employees who are motivated to handle challenges arising in the browse place with little direction being offered to them. such kind of people are able to know what kind of actions they are suppose to take when there are challenges or problems. For instance, employer dont expect to tell their emp loyees what to do when there is fire give away out but rather they expect employees to know that they need to take action to rescue the point (Arthur, pg 24). In my own opinion, I think that having skills to solve problems is very important because it helps one to handle original issues on their own. An advantage of this is that it helps an individual to think on solutions to the given problem. Loyalty, this is a key quality most employers do look for when hiring new-sprung(prenominal) employees. The issue of trust between employer and employee has to exist. Employers do not overlook employees who cannot be trusted while representing the organization. From the point of an employee, it may be challenging to be loyal due to conflict of interest. An employee may realize later on that the employer is dealing in illegal business such as drugs and so it may be hard on the part of the employee to be loyal (Arthur, pg 26). Competency, some occupations require skills in order to perform a task e.g. in accounting, and legal fields. When looking for a new employee, the employer must consider the personal line of credit in offer and the level of competency of the new employee. For example if the job on offer is accounting job then the new employee must possess accounting noesis from college, university. With this the new employee stands a chance in getting the job (Arthur, pg 30). This is a quality that must be considered in my own opinion. This is because when you hire a person who has a background of what he is expected to do, then I believe that the output of that employee will be high. Team player, most employers consider this quality because it plays a very important role in increasing productivity of the organization. This quality enhances the ability of people to work together towards achieving the organizations goal. From my perspective, team building is a factor that should not be overlooked while hiring a new employee. The aspect of having individuals wo rking as a team normally increases their productivity and hence helps in working towards the organizations goal (Arthur, pg 34). To the new hiree, this will help him or her to get along with fellow employees in the organization. I think it should not be emphasized so much especially where we have a big company since other employees will take advantage over other fellow and they will not give all their input in the realization of the

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