Sunday, May 12, 2019

Predictiveness and the Level of Processing Research Paper

Predictiveness and the Level of Processing - Research Paper Example erst when the results are arrived at, there will be a clear difference in regard to chemical reaction towards the prognosticative explicates of the people who participate in the experiment.Since this paper is all about Predictiveness, it is very most-valuable to know what the word prognostic exactly means, according to the dictionary the word means foretelling or foreboding, to simply the same it is the ability to know something which has not happened, to be very precise it means to be able to know and forecast about something which has not happened previously. Our memory plays a key role in this process because human beings carry out many processes depending on their memory. accord to Craik, the longevity of the memory and its soft nature is purely dependent on the profoundness of processing. Memory does many processes and one of the most Copernican processes is of remembering and it has some vital subdivisi ons such as attention, encoding, rehearsal and retrieval. It is believed that the durability of the memory depends on the functions of the depth of processing. Going by this statement it is believed that the deeper the functions of various processes which go on in human mind, sharper the memory. According to Koriat, Ben-Zur, &Sheffer, older adults suffer from many problems related to their memory, some of the common problems are that they tend to forget call very easily because of the unfamiliar words which make up the names of the people, another problem is hypothetical to be that they fail to link information or in other words connect a sequence of events because of their memory. This paper will conduct research to prove that when people come across predictive words it becomes easier for them to anticipate and get the predictive words right, the performance of the memory in relation to the predictive words will be highlighted in the paper. The relation between Predictiveness and the level of processing will be arrived at the end of the paper.MethodThe whole concept can be better understood by conducting an experiment the experiment involves 132 students of which 82 are females with a mean age of 19.8. The experiment conducted required the students to pale a power point presentation, which consisted of 40 sentences of which 20 sentences were predictive and the rest 20 were non-predictive. The series of the sentences was in random order to have better results from the experiment. The experiment showed the students the 40 sentences and the arrangement was such that the final word of the sentences was not shown to the students and they were asked to think about the final word. After sometime the sentences were shown with the final word and each sentence stayed on the screen for 2 seconds, which is a very short duration. Some examples of predictive sentences shown to the students are, she put the stark naked picture into a frame, when the music started he as ked her to dance and some of the examples of non- predictive sentences shown to the students are, she went down town to captivate the new frame, she developed a severe headache at the dance. To get the results right, the predictive and t

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