Thursday, May 2, 2019

Prioritizing Ethical Issues of a Corporate Example Dilemma Described Essay

Prioritizing Ethical Issues of a bodily Example Dilemma Described - Essay ExampleThey need immediate help and Tru-Seal is able to try that, so it should. Secondly, Tru-Seal is not capable of accommodating the count with Ford currently unless it increases its work force. If it does not increase its workforce, the deal with Ford forget be jeopardized. This will be a lose-lose situation for both Tru-Seal and the residents of the Jones County. Thirdly, Tru-Seal should increase the workforce because the Indian firm seems positive on continuing with the deal with Ford after it earns Tru-Seal. In mark to continue the work smoothly, it is unlikely for the Indian firm to completely replace the existing workforce at that time with new and inexperienced workforce as it would affect the quality of work as head as productivity. Last but not the least, it is not established that the Indian firm will acquire Tru-Seal. Unless it actually acquires it, chances exist that Tru-Seal faculty not be acquired in which case, it would be an unwise decision to not increase the workforce now.Yes, it is better for Tru-Seal to keep the union sensible about the pending sale of the company. In spite of all the differences of the company with the unions, and the history of the companys tough relations with the unions, informing the unions will be safer and less inconvenient choice compared to not informing them. If Tru-Seal does not inform the union, the union might engage in legal proceedings against the company at the time of its sale to the Indian firm, and so incurring a lot of cost to the owners in fines and damages. On the other hand, even if the union is informed about the pending sale, it is more likely that the union will support the decision of increasing the workforce at the Jones County given the high unemployment rate at present.Having met all environmental regulatory actions to date and having fostered a good relationship and open dialogue with the Michigan Department of Environmental

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